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Nuclear Energy

50 years of experience in the nuclear sector

With an experience on more than 49 reactors, our teams have actively contributed to the construction of the nuclear power plants. Boccard has thus become a major local and international player in the nuclear industry over the past 50 years.

We offer design-build services in EPC as an industrial integrator. We combine the mastery of our various trades from engineering to commissioning and maintenance.

Our fully qualified teams work on new build projects and major construction sites, as well as on modifications to existing buildings. They carry out preventive maintenance on nuclear power plants in operation and decommissioning work on installations at the end of their life. We are also involved in the fuel cycle, including waste treatment.


A continual solution for the nuclear industry

For fuel cycle units, power generation units, nuclear medicine or research as well as nuclear waste treatment sites, we offer a continuous solution with the full integration of our expertise: Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction and Maintenance of fluid networks for nuclear facilities.

Nuclear New Build

Your nuclear new build projects and major worksites


Modifications of existing nuclear constructions


Preventive maintenance of nuclear power plants in operation

Nuclear decommissioning

Deconstruction of nuclear facilities at the end of their life


Fuel enrichment units
Gas or liquid fluid networks

Special Machineries



Guaranteed security to ensure the production of low-carbon energy

Nuclear energy is an important source of carbon-free energy capable of meeting the world's growing energy needs and environmental challenges.

The recognition of the industry depends on the guarantee of a maximum level of safety for nuclear power plants, the extension of the productive life of the nuclear fleet and the management of waste.

Thanks to our historical experience and our focus on nuclear safety, we are able to support the players in the nuclear sector.

our solutions

Expertise in complex project management and historical experience in the nuclear industry

Since 1972, we have been supporting the key players in the nuclear industry throughout the industrial life cycle of their facilities. Our historical experience in the nuclear sector, our multiple technical and project management skills are based on a total knowledge of nuclear specificities and regulations and on long-term relationships with our client-partners.

A nuclear safety culture based on historical references and a total knowledge of the requirements of the nuclear industry

As a historic player in the nuclear industry worldwide, we have actively contributed to the construction of the French nuclear power plants (45 units out of 59) as well as 4 units in China.
Our teams were involved in the FA3 power plant in Flamanville (France) and are currently working on the Hinkley Point HPC site (UK). We are also one of the main players in the construction of the Jules Horowitz research reactor for the CEA in Cadarache (France).

Our experts in the nuclear market coordinate our specific skills related to this sensitive sector and all our expertise as a designer-builder. They master the rules and codes of design and construction (RCCM).

Our "Nuclear Compliance" unit manages a strong culture that characterises us : safety and protection of people and installations "Safety first" and confidentiality specific to the sector. Our Boccard Management System is the guarantor and guides all our actions.
Turnkey EPCM

our performances & FABRICATIONS

From design activities to maintenance

EPC Contractor
• Fluid lots
• Balance of nuclear island (BNI)
• Balance of plant (BOP)
• Sampling lots
• Emergency diesel

Studies & Design
• Fluid process studies
• E&I expertise
• General design plan
• Calculation
• Special machines

Manufacturing & Modularization
• Piping and supports
• Tanks and reservoirs
• Skids
• Special machines

Site activity
• Construction & Maintenance 
• Mechanical construction 
• Special structures 
• Special welds
• 3D laser scanning
• Implementation studies
• Modifications and maintenance on sites in operation
• Deconstruction 

Nuclear manufacturing

Piping and supports
• Pipe sections and supports

• Engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation and testing
Classified and unclassified tanks and vessels
• Design and fabrication of tanks
• Dedicated boiler making
Special machines
• Dedicated machines for use in hostile and irradiated environments

our services

We support you throughout the life cycle of your installations

Whether directly on site or remotely, we ensure that your installations are maintained at their best performance in complete safety.

Certifications and qualifications

Qualifications and certifications for an ultra-sensitive sector

Thanks to their historical expertise and the implementation of a proactive training policy dedicated to the nuclear industry, our teams have mastered the regulatory and documentary requirements (INB and ESPN decrees) that guarantee safety from design to commissioning, as well as maintenance services. 

Our expertise is recognized by several customer qualifications such as UTO for EDF or CAEAR for CEA.

We qualify equipment according to the operating stresses in nuclear facilities to which it will be subjected throughout its lifetime, particularly under thermal and radiological aging, with or without earthquakes, with or without immersion, etc. We rely on renowned laboratories for this.   
In addition to this, we have the objective of obtaining ISO 19443 certification in April 2022 for all of Boccard's nuclear activities, namely 2C2I, Boccard Energy Solutions in the context of new build activities, BCM nuclear industry for the maintenance activities of the CNPE and Grand Carénage, and BPV, given that Boccard is one of the 50 priority companies at EDF. 
For the ESPN, Boccard is the manufacturer of 4 nuclear circuits for the RJH project: RPK, MDG, REN and REH. 


For the Nuclear market

Opening of a new nuclear Boccard manufacturing facility in the UK

Boccard to open its new nuclear manufacturing facility in the UK and support the new nuclear era with the creation of 200 jobs

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Studies and construction of piping for the nuclear island of the Flamanville EPR

The manufacturing capacity and assembly resources, the quality monitoring and the skills in management of large projects with high modification rates have been the keys to Boccard's success.

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EPC fluid package for the Jules Horowitz experimental nuclear reactor

Boccard is in charge of the EPC Fluids lot: design, studies, implementation and start-up of the fluid systems.

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