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Brewery & Distillery

Experts in manufacturing advanced technological equipment to anticipate and fulfill each customers' needs

Our Meura team has developed revolutionary innovations in brewing technologies since 1845. Our engineering and industrial design capabilities generate value-added solutions for brewing industries, distilleries and grain extract producers around the world.
Thanks to their very precise knowledge of brewing processes, our teams support you in defining your needs and the complete management of your projects.
We are with you all the way, from the raw material handling up to the cold block, and offer you a state-of-the-art technological solution at each step.

Your challenges

Increase your productivity while reducing your environmental footprint

In an extremely competitive sector, efficiency and profitability are more than ever based on a balance between productivity, quality of the final product, and range of products.
Getting the best from your production tools and keeping high technological level processes are essential to optimize productivity and reduce energy consumption.

Your applications

Historical expertise recognized in the global brewing, distillery and grain extract markets.

Our teams design and implement your projects in the following fields:


We can estimate that more than 25% of the global beer volume are produced with Meura equipment.
Our solutions are adapted to the major international brands of beers, including craft or specialty beers.


Our expertise in mash preparation and filtration allows us to offer state-of-the-art technological solutions to the major grain alcohol producers.
The use of the Meura 2001 guarantees the quality and purity of spirits.


Recognized technological innovations

Leader in its market since 1845, our Meura brand is recognized for its technological innovations and famous inventions.
As an example, the mash filter, invented in 1901, is recognized worldwide under the name of Meura 2001.
This constant innovative spirit allowed our teams to develop other major technological developments such as the Mechamasher, the Aflosjet, the Meurabrew and the Meurastream.

Turnkey plants

Our expertise in greenfield or brownfield turnkey projects
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Project management

The success of your industrial projects is our priority
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Process Engineering

Control of a wide variety of processes by experts dedicated to your industrial projects
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Our products

Raw material management

Our teams have developed and acquired very specific skills in handling, storage and processing solutions for grains such as malt, barley, rice, wheat, corn, starch, etc.

These turnkey Raw Material Handling (RMH) solutions follow very strict safety rules in ATEX environments.

Upstream of the brewhouses, these systems include bulk feeding, storage silos, transport and conveying, cleaning and suction.
The Meura ClassicMill, the CarboMill and the MechaMasher equipment are integrated for grain processing (grinding and mashing).

Grinding / Milling

Classicmill: ventilated hammermill with horizontal shaft that produces fine grist
Carbomill: hammer mill working under CO2 atmosphere which avoids oxidation of the malt grist
Hydromill: disc mill which consists of fine milling malt under water

Our Brewhouse equipment

MecaMasher: mechanical pre-mashing

Aflosjet: brewing
MEURA 2001: mash filtration
EcoStripper: wort bolling

ClariSaver and Whirpool: removal of cloudiness
MeuraStream: reduction of steam consumption

Meurabrew : continuous brewhouse

The Meurabrew (Meura’s continuous brewhouse) enables increased capacity while reducing utilities and waste.

Industrial results have shown that the Meurabrew combines several outstanding performances:

  • Water consumption at least divided by two
  • Electricity consumption at least divided by two
  • Steam consumption at least halved
  • Considerable reduction of wastewater
  • No peak in utilities consumption
  • Better productivity (one CIP per week)
  • Drastic reduction of wort oxidation
  • Ensures a constant quality of the final product
  • Very limited extract losses

Cold Block

Once the beer has left the brewhouse, begin the entire process up to bottling. These different stpes are called the Cold Block.

Our teams design and build the Cold Block production line and handle all the functional steps from fermentation up to packaging, including injection/propagation and yeast recovery.

Our Meura teams have developed specific solutions for yeast management in order to optimize the fermentation process:

Propax: the yeast propagation system

Preox: the yeast pre-oxygenation technology

Our services

We support you throughout the life cycle of your installations

Whether directly on site or remotely, we ensure that your installations are maintained at their best performance in complete safety.

Our “Technologies & Services” service dedicated to the brewery and distillery markets supports you to maximize your productivity and minimize your operational costs

Our achievements

For the Brewery & Distillery industries

Kvass extract production line for Coca-Cola in Ukraine

Coca-Cola’s R&D teams teamed up with our brewhouse experts to design a new technology for producing “Kvass” extracts in Ukraine. Coca-Cola’s R&D teams teamed up with our brewhouse experts to design a new technology for producing “Kvass” extracts in Ukraine.


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