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MIMO - homogenizing mixer

A flexible device tailored to various production processes, applicable in the manufacturing of mayonnaise, plant-based pastes, bean ketchup, sauces, or soups.

The homogenization process involves producing a homogeneous mixture, the ingredients are processed until a uniform particle size is achieved. This process is used in a variety of industries: from dairy, food industry, to the production of paints, cosmetics, plastics or drugs. The homogenization process is carried out in specially designed equipment: homogenizers.

Boccard has designed MIMO an autonomous homogenizer mixer dedicated to the production of hot or cold emulsion preparations such as ketchup, mayonnaise, sauces prepared for pasta, cooking sauces, vegetable spreads etc. 

Operating autonomously within intuitive HMI control panel, MIMO ensures seamless control with remote access capabilities. MIMO stands out with automatic temperature control, ensuring precision to meet emulsion preparation needs.
One of MIMO’s standout features is its  large heat exchange surface, a design element that significantly expedites the heating and cooling processes.
Hygienic design and user friendliness takes center stage in the development of MIMO, featuring improved geometry, a vertical homogenizator, an acute angle of the bottom conical section, and automated top cover opening. These enhancements contribute to the streamlined maintenance and cleaning of the equipment.
MIMO’s automatic close-loop CIP system ensures optimal hygiene standards, aligning with the rigorous demands of food production.

Homogenizing Mixer

The process of high-quality blending is much more than just combining different ingredients. A specially tailored mixer for a specific product helps speed up the production process, minimize energy consumption and streamline operations.

The mixer is characterized by a very large heat transfer surface, which guarantees a significant acceleration of the heating and cooling process.

The use of plasma pillow-plate technology significantly reduces the heating time of raw materials.

The diameters of the circulation pipes used are larger than those of competing devices, which significantly speeds up the flow of the product.

Applications in many sectors of the food industry, including yogurt, sauces, beverages, and more. It is an invaluable tool in developing new flavors and textures.

Fully control every aspect of the process from start to finish, while performing the process consistently, efficiently and cost-effectively, and ensuring complete product safety.


We create devices tailored to the unique needs of each customer, providing advice on optimizing production

Refined for more than 25 years, the homogenizing mixer design uses the latest technology to ensure excellent results.

The device has a refined geometry that makes the cleaning process and maintenance much easier.

Precise control of the mixing and homogenization process to ensure the highest product quality, monitoring power consumption, temperature and pressure minimizes the risk of product damage.

Reduce production time and increase efficiency. Reduced production time by up to 20% compared to equipment with traditional heating coats.

Compliance with the machinery directive and low-voltage directive Safely, reliably and cost-effectively

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Our services range from servicing equipment to providing automation solutions, ensuring comfortable and reliable operation.

  • High factor of reliability and repeatability of production
  • Consistent product quality and minimal risk of downtime
  • A more extensive perspective through R&D: An in-house R&D unit is an innovation center. It allows us to test the proposed solutions in terms of technology and product, which allows us to optimally adjust the process
  • Full quality control: The products available on the market are not only our designs, but also our production. Thanks to our own workshop, we have full control over the quality of our products






Working capacity

Total capacity

1100 L

1300 L

Construction material


Motor power

Frame agitator 7 kW, homogenizer 37 kW

Mixer speed

34 RPM frame mixer, homogenizer 2

Temperature range

+5/+95 °C

Working pressure

-1 bar/atmospheric pressure

Type of mixer

Frame stirrer with scrapers + homogenizer

Homogenisation system


External dimensions (LxWxH)



3600 kg


HMI panel

Standards and directives

Compliance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU, Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU, ATEX

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