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Piping & Spools

Our expertise in spool piping projects

The efficiency of an installation depends strongly on its ability to transport the fluid through the piping system towards the different equipment working collectively. One well-designed piping system is therefore crucial for any industrial installation and its creation requires systemic analysis and expertise in various engineering methods.

Boccard inhace your competitiveness by boosting your efficiency thanks to spools, skids and piping modules of superior quality, economical, and delivered on time.

Our offer

"On Time. On Spec. On Budget": A Global Execution Strategy

Our teams have experience on industrial projects integrating fluid management in various sectors of activity such as oil & gas, energy, food processing or pharmaceutical

Our skills cover :

  • all types of work (welding, boiler making, piping)
  • all types of materials (copper, all types of steel, noble metals)
  • all types of fluids (natural gas, oil, hydrocarbons, special gases, water (all pressures and temperatures))

From engineering to delivery, our teams use the best practices and the latest technologies in the realization of your piping, skid and modular construction projects.

In particular, we have standardized project management and customer reporting across our global manufacturing facilities and on site. We use our Boctrack management system to manage engineering, materials, procurement, scheduling, reporting and billing. This software allows us to provide quality service by offering you a high level of traceability and real-time progress metrics that you can access at any stage of the project.

Our services

Solutions and services and high levels at competitive cost

We offer standardized or tailor-made solutions for the manufacture of all types of supports, spools and pipes as well as for the special manufacture of pipes with internal coating, with double jacket, load arms, cryogenic modules, etc

In addition, we offer you a range of study and design services to guarantee the success of your projects in complete safety and in strict compliance with the regulations and standards in your industries:

  • All metals used in the industry: carbon steel, stainless steel (304-316-321-347- Duplex and Super Duplex….);
  • All Chrome, Copper and Nickel alloys
  • Other non-ferrous metals (Aluminium, Titanium)

Full traceability of materials (material certificates available online), welders and production, through real-time progress reports accessible online.

  • GTAW
  • GMAW
  • SAW
  • FCAW
  • SMA

100% visual and dimensional control. No rework on site. Electronic documentation.

  • ASME Section IX, ASME Codes B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, B31.8
  • ASME Section I (certification PP, S)
  • ASME Section VIII (certification U)
  • API 1104, AWS D1.1, National Board
  • CODETI, CODAP/EN 13445
  • CEFRI E, UTO, RCC-M, ISO 9001
  • MASE
  • Mobilization of temporary/project-specific workshops to meet local content and optimized logistics
  • Mobilization/management of on-site workshops
  • Monitoring, management and support of local workshops

By opting for modular construction, the client significantly reduces the total installed cost: reduction of costly on-site work, difficulty in finding qualified personnel.

Why choose us ?

Why entrust us with your piping and spools projects?

  • RRespect for the environment and safety “Safety First”
  • Use of local manpower and optimized logistics: mobile workshop capacities
  • Qualified and dedicated workforce: mobilization of experts worldwide to support your projects
  • Centralized engineering and global execution strategy
  • Global sourcing and purchasing
  • Quality service at a competitive cost: transparency (Weld Unit system), flexibility with respect to our customers’ priorities, on-time delivery
  • Quality: 100% dimensional control, no rework on site, electronic documentation
  • Proprietary software for project management and traceability: BocTrack

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