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Manufacturing of piping modules for the cryogenic lines of the Large Hadron Collider of the European Council for Nuclear Research in Switzerland


CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a 27 km ring, buried to a depth of 100 meters, near the French-Swiss border in Geneva. This is the most powerful particle accelerator in the world. Very high energy protons circulating in a vacuum in beams spinning in the opposite direction will collide with each other to search for evidence of super symmetry, dark matter and the origin of mass of elementary particles.

These protons, accelerated to almost the speed of light and kept in circulation for hours, are guided by very powerful superconducting magnets. The desired magnetic field in this operation is only possible by cooling these magnets using advanced cryogenic techniques .

In the LHC, these techniques that use the properties of nitrogen and helium were designed by Air Liquide Advanced Technologies.

Boccard's service on this project was to build the 530 piping modules that make up the Large Hadron Collider ring . This work was carried out in our. workshop in Portugal, certified ALTAL and ISO 9001. These stainless steel modules were welded with qualified welding processes at -192 C.

After radiographing 100% of the welds, these modules were subjected to pneumatic tests, thermal shock and helium leakage tests and, finally, vacuum behavior tests.

KEY points

530 piping modules
Welding processes qualified at -192 C
ALTAL and ISO 9001 certified workshop


For Nuclear market

Opening of a new nuclear Boccard manufacturing facility in the UK

Boccard to open its new nuclear manufacturing facility in the UK and support the new nuclear era with the creation of 200 jobs

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Studies and construction of piping for the nuclear island of the Flamanville EPR

The manufacturing capacity and assembly resources, the quality monitoring and the skills in management of large projects with high modification rates have been the keys to Boccard's success.

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EPC fluid package for the Jules Horowitz experimental nuclear reactor

Boccard is in charge of the EPC Fluids lot: design, studies, implementation and start-up of the fluid systems.

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