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Studies and construction of piping for the nuclear island of the Flamanville EPR


Our teams of specialists in the nuclear sector have been commissioned to design and build the piping for the nuclear island outside the steam cycle under an EPC contract. This lot included CSR, execution studies, manufacturing with purchasing, assembly, welding, lagging, reconditioning and customer delivery. This realization was made in association with another expert.

The manufacturing capacity and assembly ressources, the quality monitoring, the skills in management of large projects with high modification rates have been the keys to Boccard’s success: the company has naturally capitalized on theexperience acquired during the construction of the French nuclear fleet (44 units out of 58).

Such a project is remarkable for its scale :

  • It started in 2008 and ended in 2020: 12 years
  • from 2010, date of the first interventions on site, there are more than 3,500,000 hours of work,
  • 12 Boccard Business Units were involved in its realization,
  • 300 people and nearly 600 people at peak mobilized on average
  • the file given to the client at the end of the project contained more than one million documents .

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Key points

more than 3 500 000 hours of work,

120 km of piping (including 60% stainless steel), 38 000 isometrics, 38 000 supports (650 tons),

Prefabrication of 70 000 weld units. Average mobilization of 300 people and nearly 600 people at peak.


The Flamanville nuclear power plant (west coast of the Cotentin peninsula) comprises three units:

  • two reactors in service since 1986/87: Flamanville 1 and Flamanville 2 (pressurized water reactors of generation II, of the P4 series);
  • a reactor whose construction site is in its final straight line, Flamanville 3, a generation III + pressurized water reactor, of the EPR type.

With this major investment in the two units of the Flamanville EPR, EDF is preparing the renewal of the nuclear fleet (PWR units) with a new generation of reactor which incorporates recent progress in terms of safety.

The French nuclear fleet is the second largest power park in the world, behind that of the United States, and enables EDF to produce mainly carbon-free electricity.

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