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Cosmetics & Hygiene

Flexible solutions for the cosmetics and hygiene industries

In order to design high-performance installations at the cutting edge of technology, our specialized teams are constantly looking for innovative solutions and processes specific to the cosmetics and hygiene industry.
It is essential for us to provide flexible production tools that allow the manufacture of different products on a single installation.

From the small modular skids or independent super skid,to tank environment equipped with agitation systems, to the complete turnkey plants. Boccard proposes to manage your projects in their entirety with the strictest respect of the standards and rules in the cosmetics and hygiene industry.

Your challenges

The flexibility of your installations and the respect of your sanitary constraints are at the heart of our concerns

Cosmetic and hygiene product manufacturers are facing a constantly changing industry: the quest for innovation, tightening of regulations, environmental concerns, new products and ingredients, digital revolution… Factory 4.0 is transforming the cosmetics industry’s processes: the growing automation of production tools is accelerating productivity gains, improving the reliability of installations, reducing costs, etc.
To meet these challenges, cosmetics and personal care product manufacturers are developing ever more innovative products, complying with the strictest regulations, while reducing their environmental impact.
Thanks to our proven expertise in process engineering and our knowledge of market constraints, we can support you in the design, manufacture and commissioning of your cosmetics and hygiene production facilities.

Your applications

Our custom installations meet the specific requirements of your cosmetic and hygiene products

Boccard’s experience in the cosmetics industry, working with the world’s largest manufacturers for over 30 years, allows us to design manufacturing units for all types of products and applications:

Hair care products

Lotion, gel, oil

Hair dye

Body care

Skin cream
Body lotion


Nail polish


Fragrances and scents
Vegetal raw ingredients & extracts


Disinfectants and lotions
for hands and body
Hydro-alcoholic gel
Bactericidal solutions

Home care

Floor cleaning products
Surface cleaners


Our equipment and facilities are custom designed to meet your needs

For many years, we have been providing the cosmetics industry with global and innovative solutions for your production units:

  • Agile installations capable of adapting quickly to new manufacturing processes and recipes.
  • Quality assurance inspired by our experience in pharmaceutical facilities, with procedures and controls that comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
  • Increased equipment intelligence provided by a software layer developed by process experts
  • A CSR policy to reduce the environmental footprint by reducing consumption of cleaning water, energy, and raw materials.

Thanks to our experience and the diversity of the cosmetic products we have processed, we offer you modular installations adapted to your process.

Our solutions are customized to best meet your needs, while optimizing your project’s time cycle and guaranteeing the best “time to market“.

Turnkey plants

Our expertise in greenfield or brownfield turnkey projects
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Project management

The success of your industrial projects is our priority
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Process Engineering

Control of a wide variety of processes by experts dedicated to your industrial projects
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Our tailor-made skids

We prefabricate your modular skids in our workshops
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Our products

Our equipment is custom designed to meet your needs

  • Bulk raw material distribution storage
  • Clean utilities: process water, clean steam
  • Standard bulk production skid (500 kg to 20 T)
  • Semi-finished products storage with scraping station
  • Cleaning-in-place stations
  • Machine tanks from 100 to 500 kg
  • Manufacturing reactors with all types of agitators
  • Agitation systems
  • Melters for fatty phases
  • raccord process intelligent BocLock
  • Digital Solution TrackAdvance

Our services

We support you throughout the life cycle of your installations

Whether directly on site or remotely, we ensure that your installations are maintained at their best performance in complete safety.

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