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Sustainable Development

We know your needs and support your way to a sustainable industry

Industries contribute to nearly 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Consumers are more concerned about the ecological footprint of the products they buy, and regulations are becoming stricter. The stakes are high and require us to reduce our environmental impacts and act together for sustainable development.

We are aware of our significant impacts and our Environmental Policy is focused on the 3 axes: Transport, Waste and Energy consumption.

To limit GHG emissions and promote waste recovery, we design and implement solutions either through technical or digital developments or through a dedicated offer in the field of renewable energy.


Our main optimization actions and their benefits for you

  • Upgrading of aging installations : Productivity improvement, energy cost reduction, compliance with new regulations.
  • Optimization of the production lines : Limitation of the environmental footprint, optimization of the equipment life span.
  • Waste recovery : Reduction of waste quantity, new source of profit.


A mastery of the stakes for innovative solutions

We can assist you in meeting your environmental challenges through:

  • Energy expertise: our activities in decarbonated energies such as nuclear or renewable energies
  • Identifying limits to overcome them: we have invested in the development of AI-based solutions that simplify the management and maintenance of your plants:
    • Track Advance provides accurate tracking of the entire production chain for greater transparency and understanding of your business.
    • BocPredict allows you to anticipate breakdowns and act before damage is caused. It also helps to optimize energy consumption, identify vibration-related losses and support you in monitoring interventions.
  • Reduce the carbon impact of travel: thanks to the use of virtual or augmented reality solutions (VR/AR) and remote interventions, we can reduce the number of trips previously necessary for model validation or other.
  • Educate to change practices: The Boccard Academy encourages our staff to follow training courses to adapt to social and technical advances. Our employees who work on your sites are aware of the challenges of sustainable development.


Concrete commitments to transform mentalities and set an example

We are committed to:

  • Reduce the carbon emissions linked to our travels, which means a significant improvement for an international company like ours. We are increasing the number of electric cars, choosing the train over the plane and favoring videoconference meetings.
  • Limite and recycle our waste.
  • Use resources efficiently, especially energy resources, which are necessary for our activity and that of our customers.

In 4 years, our actions have enabled us to reduce our CO2 emissions by 31%, a performance that has contributed to obtain a silver Ecovadis award.

This silver medal rewards our CSR performance in the following areas: Social & Human Rights, Environment, Ethics and Responsible Purchasing. Also, it rewards our efforts as a member of the United Nations Global Compact.


our engagement

To provide each individual with a successful and rewarding career in a collaborative, positive and productive environment, with safety and quality at the center of everyone’s concerns.



To reduce our digital footprint by selecting eco-responsible service providers for IT purchases, raising employee awareness of “Green IT” practices and using digital collaborative tools.

To reduce our CO2 emissions, to improve our energy performance, and to implement a waste sorting and recycling system.
29.3 MWh of energy savings thanks to recycled waste, equivalent to the annual consumption of 3 inhabitants.

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