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Your markets

Steel, Mining & Cement, Glassware

Maintenance and new works for the steel, mining, cement and glass industries

For more than 50 years we have been working on steel/metal and mineral production and processing sites : iron and steel works, open-pit mines/ore processing, glass and cement industries.

Our dedicated teams of experts are available for your revamping projects, scheduled shutdowns and equipment replacements, as well as for the optimization of production equipment.

Thanks to our recognized expertise in design, manufacturing, construction, commissioning and automation, we can also carry out your EPC projects in the field of your steel plants, mines, cement plants or glass factories. Our expertise allows us to execute and manage large complex projects.

Your challenges

Solutions to reduce downtime and improve the TCO of your facilities

The metallurgical, mining, cement and glass industries are facing international competition leading to increasing pressure on prices and growing market volatility. In addition, they are witnessing a tightening of safety and environmental standards.

Steel, mining and cement companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their productivity and to achieve maximum efficiency while reducing their environmental impact.

We support you to carry out your CAPEX and OPEX investment projects with the objective of reducing downtime and optimizing the performance, reliability and capital costs of your facilities for an improved TCO.

Your applications

We accompany you on your mining and steel projects

Our local teams have been present on steel and mining production sites in France and abroad for many years.

We can intervene on your production tools:


Belt conveyors


Refining furnaces



Ladle furnaces and coke ovens
Sintering plants
Blast furnaces
Converter or electric steel plants
Strip mills
Continuous casting
Slab presses
Continuous annealing furnaces and hot or cold rolling mills
Control rooms (PL)
Pickling lines
Finishing lines (annealing, galvanization, painting)


Aluminum foundries
Production units
non-ferrous metals


Material preparation
Horizontal rotary kilns
Clinker mills
Preheating towers



We optimize your CAPEX and OPEX investments

To face the problems of industrial equipment cooling or dedusting, our solutions, which are adapted to your systems, allow to optimize the performance of your dust collectors, fans, cooled equipment (hoods, skirts, cooling stacks) and process and utilities systems.

Our Center of Excellence specialized in projects in the steel, mining, cement and glass industries integrates and coordinates all activities: design, implementation, project management, outage, mechanics, piping, on-site assembly and renovation. We have workshops integrating all the skills required for an optimized repair of your equipment.

For your CAPEX projects

  • Studies, calculations: 3D laser, 3D modelling for custom integration of shielding portions
  • Lifting solutions for heavy equipment: thanks to our long experience in the heavy and chemical industries, we can guarantee the safe lifting of your heavy loads
  • Scaffolding and insulation
  • Design and implementation of fixed and mobile platforms

For your OPEX maintenance

  • Machining
  • Mechanical repair
  • Mechanical welding
  • Lubrication and greasing
  • Rapid Response Service
  • BocPredict predictive maintenance solutions

Our expertise

Specific expertise in the steel industry blast furnaces

We offer integrated solutions for the construction, modification or repair/optimization of your blast furnace and its associated equipment. We provide the qualified trade experts and the supervision necessary to master the execution of your projects.

Our specialized teams study the best solutions to optimize your blast furnaces: cooling, gas collection and washing, internal construction, casting floor, structures…

After a structured preparation and planning phase, we develop processes for handling equipment inside blast furnaces (staves, etc.) using mechanized and robotic solutions. These technologies will allow safe interventions.

We support you in the phases of hot and cold blast furnace shutdowns.

Our services

We support you throughout the life cycle of your installations

Whether directly on site or remotely, we ensure that your installations are maintained at their best performance in complete safety.

Our achievements

For the Steel & Mining industries

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