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BocEthic: Boccard's code of conduct

As a turnkey industrial constructor, Boccard (any legal entity that directly or indirectly controls, is controlled by or is under common control with Boccard) is a major player in the design and construction of increasingly productive and
innovative industrial facilities. With an international presence, Boccard integrates engineering, manufacturing, construction and maintenance expertise.

 Boccard operates in a global environment that is often complex, but ensures compliance with the regulations applicable to its operations.

Thanks to its excellence in project management based on its “Safety First, On Time, On Spec, On Budget, Customer Satisfaction” commitment, Boccard offers smart, sustainable industrial solutions, services and products in the manufacturing and process markets.

As Boccard is convinced that its future is guided by challenges that can be overcome by working together, we have decided to unite our clients, suppliers and employees as partners committed to safeguarding social, environmental and ethical standards and mutual respect. This is the major ambition that catalyzes our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment. Our CSR commitments are driven by this very ambitious goal. We are committed to Social, Environmental and Ethical responsibility. Boccard and its
employees, managers, officers and executives have a duty to work in a respectful, exemplary and responsible manner, based on the common traditional principles shared since the company was founded in 1918.

The BocEthic Code of Conduct confirms these principles, which apply to and are mandatory for all Boccard operations worldwide.

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