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Maintenance Engineering

Maintenance engineering from the design phase

Our teams deploy methods adapted to each contract to develop a maintenance policy from the design phase.

For existing installations

  • Critical analysis of existing maintenance plans to optimize them and increase reliability
  • Non-value added time audits to reduce introductory time
  • Implementation of optimization solutions

For a new plant

  • Integration of maintenance constraints in the design phase
  • Construction of FMEA and maintenance plan in order to manage the facilities and ensure a longer life and optimal productivity over time

Our offer

Our solutions for maintenance engineering

  • Audits and advice
  • Maintenance plans & reliability FMEA, PARETO
  • Predictive maintenance
  • BocPredict our predictive maintenance solution
  • Analysis of maintenance data
  • Coordination of responses to calls for tenders

Our services

We support you throughout your project

We offer you a complete support, from the implementation and the follow-up of “Operational Excellence” tools, Time Without Value Added audit, technical expertise, FMECA, to the integration of measurement and performance improvement tools, in order to have a better control of your industrial risk.
  • Upstream of the maintenance plan, our teams implement the FMEA (Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis). This tool for operational safety and quality management is a prerequisite. This operational safety (SdF) and quality management tool is a prerequisite.
  • Implementation in your CMMS tools or support in the implementation of these data management tools. Integration of the feasibility from the design phase to facilitate the maintenance of the installations.
  • Our experts can study the processes of your installations and analyze your CMMS data to propose optimization solutions to increase the mean time between failures (MTBF) and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Development of predictive maintenance through the integration of our BocPredict solution.

Why choose us ?

Why choose us for your maintenance engineering?

  • Strong expertise in multi-year contract management: you will benefit from a global engineering network and our experience feedback

  • Digital predictive maintenance solutions

  • Modular services adapted to your specific needs

  • Multi-market and multi-disciplinary knowledge of processes and equipment

  • Customized progress approach

  • Ability to act on new or existing installations

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