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Technologies & Services

Our solutions to maximize your productivity and minimize your operational costs

Our dedicated teams provide you with local support around the world to help you maximize your productivity and reduce the operational costs of your facilities.

Whether for upgrading or expanding the capacity of your facilities or simply restocking you with spare parts and modernizing your systems, we will meet your different needs.

Our objective: to support you in the operation of your installations

Our offer

Experienced teams close to you

The proven multi-skill expertise of our mechanical, process and automation experts allows you to improve the performance of your production tools through extensive services as well as optimization solutions developed specifically for your markets.

By calling on our dedicated “Technologies & Services” departement for the improvement, productivity and safety of your facilities, you approach experts who know your processes and your facilities perfectly and are able to identify areas for improvement. .

Thanks to a long experience on the production sites, our teams have a perfect understanding of the technical aspects and operational issues of your facilities.

Remote assistance

Whether in preventive or curative maintenance, we have the resources to analyze and intervene remotely on your installations.

Increased responsiveness, optimized travel : the benefits are numerous.

Our support contracts allow you to access our services with privileged and guaranteed terms.

Our services

Benefit from a range of customized services :

We offer a range of engineering and design services to ensure the success of your projects in full safety conditions and in strict compliance with the regulations and standards in force in your industries.




Set up predictive maintenance and increase the availability of your equipment

Installation & commissioning

Spare parts and wear parts

Troubleshooting on site and remotely

Remote assistance

Preventive maintenance

Explore many ways of extending your capacities and increase reliability

Process upgrading

Automation systems modification

Extension of facilities

Modernisation of equipment and facilities

Virtualization computer

Drive and maximize your operational performance

Performance audits

Remote monitoring

Performance tools

Performance contracts

Testing facilities

Training services

Why choose us ?

Why entrust us with your services?

  • Reactivity & reliability to guarantee that your production tool is always able to give the best of its capabilities
  • Multi-skill expertise: our field intervention team provides you with the benefit of its many skills and experience
  • Flexible organization providing global and local service: your single point of contact with both global and local presence
  • Boccard’s own methodology and resources
  • Adaptation to client’s methods
  • Possibility of remote intervention
  • Digital solutions for performance support and predictive maintenance

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