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Boccard secures contract with SÉLECT LABEL to establish cutting-edge perfume factory in Kuwait

In a strategic move to establish itself as a global leader in perfume production, Kuwaitian company SÉLECT LABEL has chosen Boccard for the design and construction of its state-of-the-art perfume factory.

SÉLECT LABEL, led by the Al Khalaf family, is a pioneering force in regional perfume manufacturing, renowned for delivering premium turnkey fragrances in the Middle East. With origins tracking back to 1982, the company initially operated under the name Kuwait Perfumes Factory, making it the first fragrance house in Kuwait. 

The company is keen on exploring and expanding its offerings, inviting Boccard to adapt and further develop on their proposed solutions and services. Through the collaboration with Boccard, SÉLECT LABEL evolves to achieve the pinnacle of perfume manufacturing, adhering to international standards. This positions the company as an exemplary partner for globally renowned fragrance brands seeking to expand their presence within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Boccard Health & Care Business Unit stands as a key player in designing and constructing equipment and process lines. Widely recognized as the preferred partner for global leaders in the cosmetics industry, its teams specialize in managing turnkey projects, ranging from modular process skid solutions to entire factories, all while adhering to the strictest hygiene and safety standards. Boccard also pioneers innovative solutions, including the Track Advance® digital traceability performance tool.

SÉLECT LABEL’s CEO, Dr. Soud AlKhalaf, envisions a significant transformation of his factory by setting the highest standards in perfume production globally. In a strategic move, he has signed a contract with Boccard Health&Care teams for the development of this cutting-edge fragrance facility.

The project, scheduled to run from 2024 to 2025, encompasses various stages from general layout and construction to automation, followed by site works, commissioning, final acceptance tests, and training.

It will mobilize expert teams specializing in process engineering, vessel manufacturing, qualified welding, technicians, engineers, automation and digital specialists as well as quality experts. These teams are well-versed in the processes and operations of cosmetics and fragrance installations.


Quoting Dr. Soud AlKhalaf, SÉLECT LABEL’s CEO: 

“Partnering with Boccard Health&Care marks a pivotal strategic move as we strive to attain the utmost excellence in the worldwide production of perfumes. The confidence we hold in this collaboration stems from the belief that this alliance will not only elevate our fragrance facility but also result in significant and positive transformations. Together with Boccard Health&Care, we anticipate reaching unprecedented heights in setting and maintaining the highest standards across the global perfume industry.”

Patrick Boccard, owner and CEO of Boccard concludes:

“As a French company, we are very proud to sign the first contract for Boccard in Kuwait, especially in the luxury fragrance industry. It is with great pride that our family business is now positioning itself as a partner to help design and build this state-of-the-art production site”



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