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Oil & Gas

Prefabrication of piping for the construction of an ethylene plant in the United States.


Our teams were responsible for theprefabrication of the entire cooling system for this petrochemical complex expansion project in Texas. With a capacity of 1.55 million tonnes of ethylene produced per year, this new facility became one of the largest ethylene plants in the world. 

We prefabricated  more than 3,000 tonnes of piping in our workshops in Houston, Texas  .  At the customer's request, a large part of the 1,872 spools carbon steels with diameters that can vary between  80 "to 120" and thicknesses between 20 to 31 mm had to be subjected to heat treatments for stress relief after welding . As the cooling system is buried, all the welds were verified by magnetic particle (root), x-ray and vacuum tests .

These pipes, received beforehand, painted in FBE (Fusion Bond Epoxy) and retouched in our workshops after manufacturing, were also examined with aporosity detector (Holiday Detector) to guarantee the perfect application of the paint and its resistance to corrosion.

KEY points

3,000 tonnes of piping  
1,872 spools  


For Oil & Gas industries

Piping construction on an oil rig in Malaysia

This construction and installation project of 14,000 tons of piping mobilized up to 400 people for 20 months, including 800,000 hours of work without any accident.

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Prefabrication of piping for the construction of an ethylene plant in the United States

Prefabrication of 3,000 tons of piping for the cooling system on this project to expand a petrochemical complex in Texas.

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Prefabrication and installation of spools in record time for a refinery in Colombia

Contacted on an emergency basis by this refinery in Colombia, our teams succeeded in prefabricating and installing the spools in record time by mobilizing all our expert resources.

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