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Design of a new brewhouse for the Irish Distillers brand


Irish Distillers (IDL) is a subsidiary of the world's co-leader in wines and spirits, Pernod-Ricard, and produces the world's best-selling Irish whiskey : Jameson.

In 2008 the Pernot-Ricard group choiced our experts in brewing room, given their R&D expertise. The groupe wanted to launch initial tests and analyzes on the processing of raw materials using the Meura filtration technology. Three years later, after new tests and convinced by the excellent results of these two tests, IDL decided to invest in a complete brewhouse made by Meura as part of its expansion to Midleton, Ireland.

Our teams of experts proposed to IDL a concept of Meurabrew continuous brewing room, with an expansion program in five phases, allowing, in a future, to double the initial production capacity. In the first phase, only two batch brewhouses are planned, which will later be transformed into a continuous brewhouse with a capacity of 450 hl/h.

Work began in October 2011 with the first Meura equipment delivered in January 2012. Commissioning and reception started in August 2012 and the final production rate was reached in September, less than a year later .

KEY points

Meurabrew continuous brewhouse
Tests with raw materials in the pilot center of Meura Technologies & Services


For Phases 1 & 2:

  • Modification of the sifting and transfer equipment for dry raw materials
  • 2 hammer mills Meura, CLM1 & CLM4 
  • 1 Brewing tank of 25t/h 
  • 1 Wort preparation tank with AFLOSJet 
  • 2 Wort conversion tanks with AFLOSJet 
  • 2 Meura2001 hybrid mash filters with Meuraclean units 
  • 2 Spent grain hoppers and expellers 
  • 1 Strong mash tun 
  • 1 Low wort tank 
  • 1 Spent grain unloading unit (for existing sparge silo)  
  • Process and service piping, valves, pumps and instrumentation 
  • Supervision software
  • Project planning, plant supervision and commissioning


Irish Distillers was founded in 1966 and took control of all whisky production in Ireland in 1972. In 1988, the group joined the Pernod-Ricard company. In 2004 Jameson was recognized as the fastest growing whisky brand internationally. 


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