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Good welding practices around the hygienic design of food production plants

The hygienic design and construction of equipment in food production plants is an essential factor in ensuring food safety at every stage of the production process. As an active member of the EHEDG, Boccard is committed to a continuous process to ensure the highest levels of hygiene in its clients’ facilities. During the General Assembly in November, we shared our experience by presenting good practices in food welding.

Hygienic design in food processing: a constant concern of our teams

The food industry is facing changes in eating habits (increasing demand for fresh products that require little cooking and no preservatives) and in production methods (food supply chains cross multiple borders). To meet the hygiene challenges brought about by these changes, the EHEDG (European Hygienic Equipment Design and Engineering Group) brings together leaders in equipment design and production in the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as scientific research institutes. Since 1989, this organization has been setting guidelines and issuing certifications that define the industry’s hygiene standards. The EHEDG supports European legislation that requires food to be handled, processed and packaged hygienically, using hygienic machinery and in a hygienic environment.

As an expert in the design, manufacture and commissioning of process equipment for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, Boccard has been an actif member of the EHEDG since its inception in France.

In order to improve the quality and reliability of our procedures, our participation allows us to keep abreast of the latest requirements for hygienic design and to benefit from the knowledge shared by all the stakeholders. In addition, the sharing of knowledge and experience contributes to the continuous improvement of hygienic design.


After almost two years of remote work, the General Assembly of EHEDG France was helded on November 26, 2021. This day on the hygienic design of food processing equipment started with a morning of conferences open to members and non-members.

Considering that the quality of welds and their automation is an essential condition for the purity of production, the intervention of our representative on the Board of Directors of EHEDG France, Philippe Rizoulières, and Laurent Jubin, from CETIM (Technical Center for Mechanical Industries), focused on

Good welding practices in the food industry and their effects on the quality of corrosion protection, as well as good industrial practices:

  • Manual and automatic welding methods,
  • Good welding practices (preparation, workshop environment, execution, finishing)
  • Quality control

The following presentations deal with means and methods to optimize cleaning-in-place (CIP) performance and management and an overview of the different light disinfection technologies.

Meet us on November 26 at the Contemporary Culinary Center in Rennes for the General Assembly of EHEDG France.



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