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Turnkey cell culture plant in Malaysia


Alpha Biologics, a biotech laboratory in Malaysia, turned to Boccard for the design and construction of a complete plant dedicated to cell culture.

Boccard carried out this entire greenfield projectwhether it was the design, construction and commissioning of the plant – with a global contractor approach, thus integrating civil engineering, clean rooms, as well as all production units: 10 bioreactors, chromatography modules andultrafiltration modules in the form “plug-and-play” skids

The final project includes 3 cell inoculation laboratories, 1 upstream fermentation zone, 2 harvest rooms, as well as 2 downstream purification suites, 1 downstream final filtration zone. Boccard also designed the quality control laboratory and the process development area, as well as the supply of its own utility networks and standard utilities

Boccard’s expertise in fermentation enabled process control throughout the project.

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Key points

Greenfield EPC factory

Complete design of the factory: process, clean rooms, building

5,000 m² of building area

2,500 m² of cleanrooms

10 bioreactor skids


Upstream process

  • 3 cell inoculation laboratories
  • 1 upstream fermentation zone
  • 2 harvest rooms

Equipment provided

  • 10 bioreactor skids including:
    • 4 bioreactors of 10L
    • 2 bioreactors of 70L
    • 2 bioreactors of 250L
    • 1 bioreactor of 500L
  • 4 chromatography modules
  • 6 ultra-filtration modules
  • 1 preparation tank

Downstream process

  • 2 downstream purification suites
  • 1 final downstream filtration zone

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