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Transfer and increase production capacity of 2 blood fractionation workshops


As part of a project to increase the production capacity of plasma-derived drugs and the production of a new immunoglobulin manufacturing unit, LFB (French laboratory of fractionation and biotechnologies) called on our teams specialized in process solutions in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

The project required the transfer of production to the Ulis factory (France), the automation and improvement of the manufacturing and cleaning processes of the 2 new production units for therapeutic proteins.

Boccard’s expertise in blood fractionation and turnkey projects were key factors in the success of this project.

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Key points

80 000 hours for engineering

10 000 hours for studies and design

40 000 hours for construction and assembly

20 000 hours for commissioning and qualification


Process equipment

  • 4 chromatography skids, 5 Ultra Filtration skids
  • 8 tanks for the preparation of tampons, fixed tanks and mobile tanks
  • 5 WFI loops
  • 2 new CIP stations
  • Clean fluid networks
  • Recipe editor with gateways to factory’s ERP

Standard equipment (purchase of standard machines)

  • 1 autoclave
  • 1 washing machine
  • 1 freezer
  • 1 lot of laboratory equipment

Realization of a water distribution loop WFI

  • WFI Distribution Network
  • Integration of existing equipment into programmed shutdown

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