Good welding practices around the hygienic design of food production plants

Since hygienic design of equipment is essential for food production plants, Boccard has been an active member of the EHEDG since its creation in France and shared during the General Assembly on good welding practices.

Blue biotechnology: opportunities and challenges of a fast-growing sector

Blue biotechnologies, or marine biotechnologies, are processes that transform marine resources (including micro-organisms, invertebrates, macro-algae and fisheries co-products) into services and goods in a multitude of fields. 

This very promising and still under-exploited sector faces many challenges, including the industrialization of processes.

Discover the applications of marine biotechnology, the opportunities and challenges faced by the industry and how Boccard's teams can assist them.

Boccard Process Vessels achieves the most comprehensive and stringent Welding Quality Assurance Certification

The Boccard Process Vessels teams are proud to announce the achievement of the ISO 3834-2 certification, the most complete and demanding standard in welding quality assurance. This internationally recognized certification certifies the quality of fusion welding of metallic materials both in the workshop and on the assembly sites.


Brine production unit for BEL US

Bel needed an experienced partner for the very delicate dosing of brine in its American plant. Our teams designed this brine production unit, while simplifying it as much as possible to integrate third-party equipment.

Turnkey food flavoring plant in the United States

We accompanied a long-standing partner in its opening to the American market. Boccard US has the know-how in turnkey plants and a deep knowledge of local standards, the ideal partner for this project.

Artificial intelligence and complex process: the OPTIMAL project supported by Boccard takes shape

Three years after its launch, the OPTIMAL project (OPTImized Design of Membrane Processes for the Production of Dairy Ingredients) is coming to an end.
This project is the result of a collaboration between INRAE of Rennes, Sodiaal International and Boccard and was financially supported by the Region of Brittany and the European Fund FEDER.