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Boccard inaugurates a new industrial workshop in France dedicated to manufacturers of the French Nuclear Industry.

Friday May 12, 2023, the Boccard company inaugurates a new industrial workshop in Pierrelatte (Drôme), dedicated to the nuclear market. This workshop now brings together in the same place the teams in charge of mechanical and piping maintenance activities for power plants in the Rhône Valley, and the workshop for manufacturing the pipes necessary for modifications to the hydraulic circuits of Nuclear Power Plants. ‘Electricity.

This showcase of Boccard's know-how and digital technologies will make it possible to serve customers in the Nuclear Sector even more efficiently, and could ultimately accommodate a new internal Boccard training center.

Since the launch of the nuclear industry in the Rhône valley, Boccard has been involved in the sector through numerous industrial achievements. This new industrial workshop dedicated to the nuclear sector brings together in one place nuclear maintenance activities for the Rhône valley, and workshops for carrying out modifications, thus making it possible to offer mechanical and piping solutions.

The workshop now has 70 employees, until now geographically distant and from various departments of the company; Boccard intends to continue its recruitment plan with 35 new employees, including pipefitters, boilermakers, welders and mechanics. Ultimately, this new site could also accommodate a training center under the banner of the Boccard Academy, an internal training structure within Boccard.

Innovative and digital tools

During this inauguration, Boccard presented to more than 50 of its customers its expertise and its particularly innovative tools for carrying out machining, cutting, welding and inspections in the most extreme conditions.

This new industrial workshop also marks Boccard’s anchoring in digital technologies. The manufacturing processes are in fact entirely digitalized, from the internal manufacturing order, to the sending of the quality file to customers, thus allowing very high level production quality, excellent traceability of achievements and great responsiveness. for the customers.

“To open this workshop dedicated to the nuclear market, we have brought together the resources, expertise and know-how which should allow Boccard to be even closer to its customers and partners. We thus demonstrate our desire to provide innovative solutions within the framework of our alliances. Thanks to this investment, Boccard is part of the industrial challenges of the 21st century: technology, innovation and digitalization that we offer to our customers, now in a single location in Pierrelatte.”

Bruno Boccard, President of Boccard



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