Shampoo and cream production unit in Argentina


On an existing automated production unit in Argenita, our teams designed, manufactured and installed a new turnkey platform for the production of cosmetic products: shampoos and creams.

The final installation consists of two 20 ton reactors with their agitation and automation system.

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Key points

20 Ton Reactor

Autonomous secondary reactor (20 Tons capacity)

Agitation system



Manufacturing platform

  • Reactor 20T
  • Secondary 20T reactor for stand-alone operations
  • Custom built platform to accommodate both reactors for ease of movement and operations
  • In-house agitation system by Boccard engineering
  • Complete plant automation system

Turnkey project management

  • Design engineering, detailed studies
  • Project management
  • Automation and supervision (production monitoring and traceability)
  • Electricity
  • Equipment procurement
  • Commissioning and qualification
  • Operator training

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