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Prefabrication and installation of spools in record time for a refinery in Colombia


This colombian refinery contacted ourspools prefabrication experts on an emergency basis to provide them with around 50 spools, including a 16" sch 140 bypass as well as 1500# flanges due to an overheating in the heat exchangers. 

Our teams finalized the execution of this project after 14 months of manufacturing:  64,789 spools, 26,3154 "Weld Units" and 12,350 tonnes of material!

The manufacturing of these spools, varying from 1/2 "to 72" in diameter, involved different grades of materials : carbon steels (CS / LTCS), stainless steels (304/316/347), alloy steels (A 335 P11 / P5 / P9), Monel and Inconel.

The overall management of the project was carried out from our offices and workshop in Houston and four of our workshops around the world were involved in the realization to meet the urgency of the situation.

In less of  15 days our teams carried out  the'' flange machining , packing from Houston to Barranquilla (in the middle of the carnival season!) via Miami; air transport of bridles weighing more than 650 kilos each , the transition to a free zone, and finally the delivery of all spools on the customer's site.  24 hours were then needed for the installation work.

A real success for our Boccard teams who were congratulated by the customer, very satisfied with the operation!

KEY points

64789 spools
263154 Weld Units 
12,350 tonnes of material  


A delicate operation where time was running out.

The presence of Boccard for more than 30 years in the territory and the knowledge of the market and of the suppliers operating in Houston has enabled the teams to find a draft of flanges in record time!


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Prefabrication and installation of spools in record time for a refinery in Colombia

Contacted on an emergency basis by this refinery in Colombia, our teams succeeded in prefabricating and installing the spools in record time by mobilizing all our expert resources.

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