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Piping construction on an oil rig in Malaysia


Our teams intervened in the construction phase, the final phase of piping assembly, the hydrotest phase as well as the precommissioning and commissioning for this oil platform in Malaysia.

This project of construction and installation of 14,000 tons of piping mobilized up to 400 people for 20 months including 800,000 hours of work without any accident. The welding processes were qualified at -192 ° C.

The Gumusut-Kakap platform offshore Sabahen Malaysia has increased its production capacity with the addition of four subsea wells connected to the Gumusut-Kakap floating semi-submersible production system (GK-Semi FPS). This platform contributes significantly to the country’s oil production.

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Key points

14,000 tonnes of piping

400 people mobilized

20months of project including 800,000 hours of work without any accident Ni Stoppage of work.

Welding processes qualified at -192 C



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