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Stainless steel and noble metals tanks

Your process and storage tanks dedicated to your applications

From the simple mobile storage tank to the most complex reactor, we can meet your needs with a wide range of tanks with different functions and features, depending on the process(es) to be implemented and your specific needs.

Our equipments are designed to comply with the regulations for the protection of installations and operators. Thanks to our expertise in materials and our knowledge of the processes and standards in force, we guarantee compliance with the building codes and standards applicable in your geographical areas.

Based on the prerequisites of the EN 3834-2 standard, our teams master a wide range of welding processes and have the necessary qualifications and means to work with standard or special stainless steels and nickel alloys.

our offer

From design to on-site installation

We have design offices integrated into our production sites and work with you to find the best solution in conjunction with the process experts for your specific markets in our market Centers of Excellence.

Based on your technical specifications, we help you define the appropriate equipment and produce calculation notes taking into account the process data for mechanical, thermal and thermodynamic sizing and cleaning systems. We carry out strength calculations, including seismic calculations, for all pressure equipment.

Once made, your vessels will be checked in our workshops according to FAT protocols. We can carry out simple qualifications up to qualifications for the most demanding industries, such as the pharmaceutical or nuclear industry.

Materials processed:

Stainless steels of all grade
Duplex and super duplex
Nickel alloys

Heat exchange solutions:

We define the optimal solutions in terms of heat exchange surfaces, sizing of double shells and half shells to ensure temperature maintenance, heating and cooling of your products.

Welding expertise

We invest in our welding equipment and the training of our welders.

We regularly invest in new automatic welding equipment as well as the training of our welding teams. Our welding experts from the Boccard Academy ensure that our teams are constantly improving their skills and work with specialized partners.

Welding equipment available in our production workshops for noble metal tanks:

          9 axis welding robot, 4 welding processes
          Automatic welding system (submerged arc, plasma arc, auto TIG, MAG)
          Manual welding stations
          Plasma welding machine for mattresses


All types of finishes are possible by polishing and/or electropolishing up to finishes degrees of Ra 0,1 μm in manual or automatic polishing bench. We have pickling and passivation areas with demineralized water rinsing grade A.

our tanks

A wide range of tanks adapted to your processes

Process vessels and stirring systems (with or without heat exchange) 

  • Reactors / Bioreactors
  • Fermenters / Biofermenters
  • Mobile tanks
  • Preparation tanks
  • Melters and mixers
  • Crystallizers
  • Cookers
  • Fermentation tanks / Maturators
  • CIP tanks
  • ATEX tanks
  • Vacuum chambers  
  • Autoclave tanks
  • Compartmentalized tanks
  • Ovens, furnaces
  • Boiling tanks 

Storage and mixing tanks (integrating the process)

  • Storage tanks  

Insulated double jacket, on feet, on skirt or on concrete base which can be provided with a tilting system or a pendular or wall mounted agitation system. 


  • Mixing tanks 

For powders and liquids of all sizes, horizontal or vertical. 

Service and maintenance

Our services to ensure the safety and performance of your installations:

In order to guarantee the safety and performance of your installations, we can carry out on-site diagnostics of your stainless-steel tanks and agitation systems of all brands. 
We offer you curative or preventive maintenance operations as well as digital solutions adapted to your different needs. 

Audit and visit preventive maintenance

  • Identification of the wearing parts of each equipment

  • Control of the equipment

  • Analysis of the wear rate of the parts

  •  Establishment of a list of wear parts 

Maintenance operation basic

  • Repair of leaks

  • Change of shell circuits on shell reactors

  • Replacement of mechanical seals

Periodic inspection and requalification

  • Compliance with the ten-year test of pressure vessels according to the construction codes in force

Upgrading and modernisation

  • Modernization of equipment to improve performance, consider process evolutions, allow other functionalities

  • Modification or addition of agitator, inerting, pressurization of sterile filtered air  

  • Improvement of cleaning with incorporation of CIP, creation of new outlets as required

  • Replacement of external envelopes, creation of new walkways, platforms, ...  

  • Electrical compliance, upgrading of automated systems, installation of variable speed drives on pumps 

why us?

Why entrust us with the design and production of your tanks?

  • Dedicated production sites production for tanks and agitation systems 

  • Dedicated boiler rooms for stainless steel and noble metals 

  • Control of your specific processes 

  • Our certifications and quality procedures  

  • Expertise and means in welding including welding robot

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