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Agitation systems

We design, manufacture and maintain your agitation systems

Agitating fluids and mixing in tanks are key steps in the manufacturing process for many industries. Properly sizing, characterizing and designing agitation and mixing systems requires specific expertise and knowledge.

We meet your agitation needs with a wide range of mixing, dispersing, emulsifying, incorporating, scraping, homogenizing and fermenting functions.

Our experts size, characterize and design your mixing and agitation systems taking into account the complexity of the tank-agitator systems and the nature of the flows, as well as your specific process requirements.

Our custom-made solutions comply with all applicable standards and regulations. We provide after-sales services and maintenance of your systems to optimize your performance. 

OUR offer

We support you in the definition and construction of your agitators

Thanks to our CFD software ("Computational Fluid Dynamics") we simulate in real volume the agitation of a product in a tank. This allows us to simulate and visualize the hypotheses of agitation design from the calculations made and their interpretation. This solution allows us to develop and optimize your agitation systems and to validate the solutions chosen to meet the specifications

Our agitators are then built in our workshops. According to your specific projects, we adapt to your process and building constraints and we check the hypotheses in terms of economy, ergonomics and productivity.

We offer a range of study and design services to guarantee the success of your projects in complete safety and in strict compliance with the regulations and standards in force in your industries:

          . Three or two-blade propeller
          . Helical ribbon
          . Disc turbine
          . Rotor/Stator
          . Dispersion turbine
          . Anchor

OUR services

Design and manufacture of agitation systems


  • Assistance in the definition of a new agitation for a new process 

  • Scaling up of a process with increased production volumes 

  • Audit and perspective of technical solutions to optimize batch production times 

  • Design of a tank and validation of the integration of an agitation profile already used in your production units 


  • On-site intervention to ensure the maintenance of agitators and tanks to monitor the maintenance of the original function 

  • Optimization and revamping of processes 


Why entrust us with your agitation project?

  • Our teams master your processes 

  • We design stainless steel agitators and tanks: you benefit from a single point of contact 

  • Dedicated production sites production for tanks and agitation systems 

  • Our certifications and quality procedures  

  • Welding expertise and resources

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