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Orano chooses the consortium led by Boccard to carry out the GB2 extension.

The consortium led by Boccard is the result of the union of two renowned companies: Boccard and Ponticelli, including its subsidiary TCPI. Each of them brings unique experience in carrying out major nuclear projects.

The consortium will manufacture 88 modular stations and implement the 'UF6 process' batch, critical for this strategic and sovereign project.

It will thus contribute to the extension of the Georges Besse 2 uranium enrichment plant on the Orano site in Tricastin to increase its enriched uranium production capacity by 30%.

A contract providing for the modular creation of ‘88 hot and cold stations’

On March 27, 2024, Orano entrusted the consortium led by Boccard with the management of the project, the manufacturing and installation on site of 88 UF6 stations (electromechanical systems) for the extension project of its Georges Besse 2 plant.

These stations make it possible to supply the plant by raising the temperature of the uranium hexafluoride (UF6) to sublimate it from solid to gaseous form, then recrystallize it by cooling after the enrichment stage. This form of uranium is essential for the upstream and downstream phases of the centrifugation enrichment process.

Boccard brings its expertise and know-how as an industrial designer and integrator for the modular construction of stations, relying among other things on its digitalised factories based in Roanne and Pierrelatte. For their part, TCPI brings its expertise in the electricity, instrumentation and automation sectors, and Ponticelli, its expertise in the piping-welding areas.

Another contract for the ‘UF6 process’ lot

The mobilization of Boccard and Ponticelli industrial capacities will ensure the completion of the ‘UF6 process’ batch, which includes, among other things, the prefabrication and on-site assembly of all the aluminum piping, a project with a high level of requirements on welding quality.

The joint industrial site, located in Pierrelatte near the Orano site, relies on the respective skills of the teams for carrying out these complex welds and for the production of sections of aluminum pipes.

Responding to the challenge of Western sovereignty in low-carbon electricity

Bruno Boccard, President of Boccard, declared: “As a family-owned industrial turnkey contractor created in 1918, Boccard has been a major player in the nuclear industry for more than 50 years. Today, the climate imperative and the geopolitical context require a strengthening of Western energy sovereignty and require the development of low-carbon electricity production capacity. Contributing to the implementation of this major French nuclear program for a client essential to the sector is a recognition of the expert solutions and services that we offer.”

And Philippe Delobelle, Executive Vice-President of Ponticelli, added: “The energy future relies on the massive production of low-carbon electricity, therefore renewable and nuclear. The implementation of innovative approaches in the technical field and that of nuclear project management allows Ponticelli and its subsidiary TCPI to offer tailor-made solutions, strictly adapted to the needs of customers, giving them every guarantee on compliance with the quality, deadlines, safety and security requirements. “

“The capacity expansion project for our enrichment plant responds, in the current geopolitical context, to a request from our electricity customers to strengthen their Western sovereignty in the production of low-carbon nuclear energy. Our collaboration with the century-old company Boccard and its partners Ponticelli and TCPI illustrates French and European industrial know-how. We know how to count on their teams to respond in safety, quality and deadlines to be able to deliver to our customers from 2028.” declared François Lurin, Director of Orano’s Chemistry-Enrichment activity.

About Boccard

Industrial turnkey contractor, created in 1918, Boccard has become a major player in the design, construction and maintenance of increasingly productive and innovative industrial plants throughout the life cycle of the industrial investment With more than 3 000 employees and affiliates in more than 20 countries, the company mobilizes its engineering, manufacturing, construction, maintenance expertise and its fully integrated digital solutions in eight Life & Energy markets, ranging from nuclear to advanced energies and from food industry to pharmacy. It draws on its excellence in project management based on its commitment to “Safety First, On Time, On Spec, On Budget, Customer Satisfaction”.

About Ponticelli

For the past 100 years, guided by its founding values of Union-Work-Wisdom, the Ponticelli Frères Group has worked to support customers and partners. Today, the Group and its 6,000 employees are committed participants in the industry of the future, the industry dedicated to providing humankind with the basic needs it will always require: energy, health, water, food and safety, whilst at the same time protecting nature. Together, we stand ready to meet the challenges of our age with every respect for our employees and for our planet.

About TCPI

Founded in 1987, TCPI is a Portuguese company which is part of the Ponticelli Group Its area of expertise covers the electricity, instrumentation and automation trades over the complete life cycle of installations and in particular engineering, construction and industrial maintenance. TCPI teams operate in various sectors such as oil, gas and energy. They are industry artisans, creating and maintaining complex infrastructure across the world. With subsidiaries in France, Belgium, Angola, Cameroon and Mozambique, TCPI is a key player in the development of industrial infrastructure.



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