Artificial intelligence and complex process: the OPTIMAL project supported by Boccard takes shape

Three years after its start-up, OPTIMAL (OPTIMIzed Design of Membrane Processes for the Production of Dairy Ingredients) has come to an end.

This project had two main objectives :

  • to collect and structure the knowledge of researchers, dairy manufacturers and equipment manufacturers
  • to study and develop an approach to optimize the design and operation of 0.1 µm microfiltration of skim milk (MF) to obtain 2 fractions of value-added ingredients.

The optimization of the MF via evolutionary algorithms allowed to open the reflection on a new design of installations and new combinations of operating conditions. The result of the optimization is a proof of concept and a unit operation optimization software has been developed with our Track Advance teams.

Thanks to its involvement in this research project, Boccard is in a position to propose innovative solutions for this process as well as optimization services for existing installations. This project is the result of a collaboration between INRAE of Rennes, Sodiaal International and Boccard and has been financially supported by the Region of Brittany and the European Fund FEDER as well as many other partners.

The continuation of this project opens great perspectives on the optimization of other complex processes by seeking a robust reliability of our models.

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