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Our strength is our employees. It is thanks to their commitment, creativity and competence that we are able to implement a variety of projects and ensure the excellent quality of our products and services.

If you like challenges, want to test your strength in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and heavy industry projects, and on top of that you like working in an international environment, join our team!

DARE to look further

We involve you in making decisions!

DARE to trust yourself

We support the development of your competencies!

DARE with us

For us, it's the people that count!

DARE to surprise yourself

We provide a variety of challenges!

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Our employees have a real impact on strategic decisions made in our company. We make sure to support their decision-making ability and help them learn to take responsibility for the solutions they implement.
We are open to our employees' ideas and are always willing to listen to their suggestions for improving the operation of our organization.
This has enabled us to create a close-knit and motivated team of people who are eager to take on new challenges.

Training is essential to develop skills, which is why we created the "Boccard Kates Academy," a comprehensive system of both external and internal training tailored to a specific job.
We make every effort to maintain and develop the competence of our employees by allowing them, in consultation with their supervisor, to create their own training plan for the year. In addition, we offer study subsidies and language learning opportunities.

We focus on open, sincere and partnership working relationships. We all play to one goal and help each other achieve common goals. And not only these business goals, but also personal development. Together we are motivated by, among other things. to take on sports challenges, holding an annual sports competition called IRON BOCMAN.
We spend time together not only at work, but also after work: we play ball, go out to celebrate a won project, go out for integration.

We design and manufacture stainless steel installations and equipment for virtually every industrial sector. With us you will definitely not be bored! We provide you with the opportunity to grow and work on a variety of projects, both smaller and very large, from pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to heavy industry. Some of the projects are carried out jointly with other branches of the Boccard group, both in Poland and abroad, which gives you the opportunity to prove yourself in an international environment.

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We make sure that all our employees feel comfortable in the work environment. We are committed to maintaining a balance between work and family life, providing space for development and improving skills.

work in a close-knit team

stability of employment (employment contract)


life insurance

work-life balance

sports cards

external and internal training

benefits from the Social Benefits Fund

FIND YOUR CAREER PATH in your chosen area of our business

The variety of projects undertaken and their complexity require competence in many fields. This allows us to offer you a wide range of positions and a very extensive career path.

Turnkey installations

We guarantee a complete, ready-to-operate installation
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Project management

Success of industrial projects is our priority
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Process engineering

Expertise in a wide range of processes from experts dedicated to your industrial projects
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Our tailor-made skids

Prefabrication in our production workshops
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