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Increase production capacities in a recombinant protein production plant


Our expert teams in Pharma & Biotech designed and supplied a complete unit for the production of recombinant proteins to increase the production capacities of the Belgian site of one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of products and services for genomics and proteomic,

Managing automation interfaces between utility lots and process equipment lots (fermenter, centrifuge, homogenizer) was an important element of this project. The automation on this project was a real value-added.

The equipment provided was installed on 3 levels: in technical areas, plenum and clean room.

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Key points

2,500 hours for design

14,000 hours of construction and assembly

9,000 hours for qualification and commissioning


BSL (Bio Safety Level) zone:

  • 3 agitated harvest tanks of 2000L sterilizable between fermenter and centrifuges
  • 1 sterilizable tank 200L
  • 1 sterilizable lysis skid
  • 4 TP of connection
  • Transfer to “NO BSL” zone

NO BSL (Bio Safety Level) zone:

  • Introduction of powders and dissolution in line with temperature control
  • Transfer and storage in 4000L agitated thermostatic tank
  • Connection TP

3 Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) stations, single-tank type

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