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Design and construction of the largest blood plasma fractionation plant in Latin America

Project essentials

As part of a technology transfer between the LFB (French fractionation and biotechnology laboratory) and a state-owned company in Latin America, our biotechnology experts at Boccard worked on the design and construction of a blood fractionation plant

key points

Production capacity of 500,00L / year
30,000 hours of engineering and design 
100,000 hours of construction
25 km of utility pipes
10,000 input / output

equipment supplied

8 ultra-filtration skids

4 skids for Nano Filtration

18 CIP skids and associated distribution

15 water loops and sub-loops

150 P&ID

10,000 input / output 

240 stainless steel process vessels - 60 automatons

25 km of utility pipes

Centrifugal separation, chromatography, precipitation

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For the construction of this blood fractionation plant, Boccard was chosen as the supplier of the process equipment. The factory has a surface area of 48,000m² with 17 buildings, including 10,000m² of clean rooms and a production capacity of 500,000 L / year.

Boccard designed and built all the process equipment and also ensured the design of all the fluid distribution networks on a 3D model, as well as all the automation architecture networks. This production unit is also equipped with protein purification and separation skids (Ultra Filtration, Chromatography, Nano Filtration, Centrifugation, Frontal filtration, etc.).


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