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Complete technological system for water filtration in a food processing plant


This multinational dairy company needed to update its plant’s entire water filtration system. They asked our food processing teams to design a complete filtration technology system.

We designed and manufactured 13 filter modules in our workshop in Poland. This project required a precise knowledge of the country’s hygiene standards, especially related to dairy production.

Our experts designed a new control system, since the water system was replaced. They were able to carry out the project with a work schedule changing regularly, due to the variability of the client’s production.

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Food & Nutrition

Key points

3 700m of pipes

17 000 welded joints

Design changes to the automatic control system

Choice of the right valves


  • Design of the mechanical routing of the water system
  • Dismantle of the existing water system
  • Installation of a water collector supplying 5 circuits for rinsing 5 different production areas
  • Implementation of the control system according to our project
  • 13 prefabricated filter modules in the Boccard workshop in Michałowice
  • A steam sterilization system for each filter module

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