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steel industry & mining

Studies of cooling circuits as part of the refurbishment of the B Arcelor Mittal blast furnace in Ghent, Belgium


ArcelorMittal in Ghent, Belgium has 2 blast furnaces which form the heart of their production. Blast furnaces operate for 20 to 25 years, after which the refractory lining must be renewed. 

Our teams intervened for the repair of blast furnace B. They carried out basic and detailed studies of the cooling circuits, gas washing circuits and a granulation circuit outside the square tower.

The new blast furnace is more efficient in terms of fuel consumption thanks to the recycling of wood waste as well as the injection of waste gases and plastic .

key points

12 months of intervention
About 5,000 tonnes of steel and 3,000 tonnes of refractory materials were used for the blast furnace
265 kilometers of electric cables have been laid.


  • Process study

  • P&ID diagrams

  • Design of new cooling, washing and pelletizing circuits

  • Material lists

  • 3D model of pump rooms and racks (design)

  • Construction drawings (layouts, isometrics, platforms and support drawings)

  • Ortho drawings

  • Concrete guide drawings

  • Head loss calculations and determination of operating points

  • Flexibility calculations

  • Platform and structure calculations

  • Technical standards

  • Tender specifications

  • Material specifications


For Steel Industry & Mining

The design & build of the process package of the Sinnamary biomass plant for VOLTALIA

BOCCARD & BERKES are proud to be selected by VOLTALIA for the design & build of the process package of the Sinnamary biomass plant in French Guyana. The new biomass power plant, with a capacity of 10MWe (40MWth), is located near the Petit-Saut dam in Sinnamary, French Guyana.

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Food Upcycling for ingredients production

"Upcycled foods use ingredients that would not otherwise be destined for consumption or market, are purchased and produced using verifiable supply chains and have a positive impact on the environment. " This is the formal definition written by a team of experts from Harvard Law School, Drexel University, World Wildlife Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, […]

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Opening of a new nuclear Boccard manufacturing facility in the UK

Boccard to open its new nuclear manufacturing facility in the UK and support the new nuclear era with the creation of 200 jobs

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