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Dedicated solutions for the custom production and industrialization of ingredients 

The food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical ingredients sector requires more and more adaptation to the changing demands of these markets. Manufacturers need to customize their production lines to exploit them for specific and varied applications.

As an industrial integrator, we accompany you from the pre-treatment of your raw materials, the production by bio-fermentation, the extraction and purification of the molecules of interest until the final form of your ingredients.

Through our recognized expertise in the agri-food and biotechnology fields, our multidisciplinary teams design and implement your production or industrialization projects for ingredients.

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Our solutions are adapted to a wide range of ingredients

Through our recognized expertise, our multidisciplinary teams bring your projects to life, from the design to the maintenance of installations for the treatment and production of:

FERMENTATION ingredients

Probiotics • Enzymes • Bacteria • Yeast • Algae

ANIMAL proteinS

Meat • Fish • Insects • Collagen •
Gelatin • Food supplements

vegetable proteins

Algae • Spirulina • Peas • Cereals

derivated FROM milk

Fresh pasteurized or sterilized dairy products • Fresh and processed cheese • Ice cream • Lactose-free dairy products • Dairy ingredients


• Inulin (fructan family) 
• FOS: Fructo-Oligosaccharides (fructans) 
• GOS: Galacto-Oligosaccharides 
• MOS: Mannan-Oligosaccharides • HMO: Human Milk Oligosaccharide

fUnctional food ingredients

Colorants • Flavors • Texturizers •  Flavor enhancers • Food stabilizers

product valorization

Waste to value • Spent grain

cereal Extracts

Malt extracts • Oat • Soy ...

fruit and vegetable

Concentrates • Purees integrated in food preparations

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Our main concern is to guarantee you a standardized production and constant performance

Ingredients, which can be qualified as functional for certain applications, are components used in the composition of food, nutraceutical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. They are designed to provide specific benefits to the final product. Their use extends over several applications, and manufacturers in the sector are facing a growing demand for more "naturalness", while being confronted with increasingly strict regulations.

Industrial users of these ingredients require the guarantee of a standardized production and a formulation of the recipes allowing to deliver a product of constant quality and performance. The quality and the origin of the components have an increasing influence on the final consumer.

Aware of your challenges to meet these requirements, our specialized teams support you in the definition, design and implementation of your industrial facilities by relying on our process and project management expertise.

our solutions

Accelerate and secure your ingredient production projects

Boccard's teams design, manufacture, install and maintain complete automated equipment. We work for ingredient manufacturers in demand of the highest safety and quality standards and looking for a supplier with process expertise and proven experience.

Boccard masters each step of the manufacturing process and offers customized solutions: raw material handling, storage, extraction (bioreactors), hydrolysis, fermentation, mixing and agitation, pilot plants and equipment, powder incorporation, dosing and mixing, preparation and standardization, filtration and separation, pasteurization and sterilization, cleaning in place (CIP), automation, centralized control and recipe management, traceability.

Our project managers are experts in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical process engineering as well as in the fields of biotechnology which are at the heart of many ingredient production processes. They benefit from the experience gained from numerous projects carried out throughout the world for a wide variety of applications and in very diverse and constrained environments. We are trained in the strictest compliance with health and safety regulations and we design your installations with the objective of reducing consumption and increasing productivity.

As an industrial contractor, we can accompany you from the definition of your project to commissioning and maintenance.
Our 5 KPIs - Safety First, On-time, On-spec, On-budget, Customer Satisfaction - guide all our actions to guarantee the success of your project.

our products

We design and manufacture custom equipment for your projects

Modular skids
Storage tanks
Process tanks
Mixing and incorporation
Scraping station
Thermal treatment
Sterilizer, pasteurizer, ...
CIP Stations
Ingredients/flavors dosing

our services

We support you throughout the life cycle of your installations

Whether directly on site or remotely, we ensure that your installations are maintained at their best performance in complete safety.

Innovative solutions, developed by Boccard, to improve your installations

Industrial performance and predictive maintenance
Track Advance and BocPredict
Smart and secure connections
BocLock, raccord process intelligent, hygienic and secured


For the Ingredients industries

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"Upcycled foods use ingredients that would not otherwise be destined for consumption or market, are purchased and produced using verifiable supply chains and have a positive impact on the environment. " This is the formal definition written by a team of experts from Harvard Law School, Drexel University, World Wildlife Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, […]

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Anuga FoodTec 2022: the reference for food and ingredients!

Boccard, as an industrial integrator, will be present in Anuga FoodTec. We'll show our process solutions based on our EPC model (engineering, procurement, construction). These solutions include fermentation, extraction, mixing, dosing, cooling.

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