Extension and revamping of a fresh cheese factory

Expanding a factory is limited by the space available. Our teams designed this new production line by rethinking the layout of the plant.

Brine production unit for BEL US

Bel needed an experienced partner for the very delicate dosing of brine in its American plant. Our teams designed this brine production unit, while simplifying it as much as possible to integrate third-party equipment.

Turnkey food flavoring plant in the United States

We accompanied a long-standing partner in its opening to the American market. Boccard US has the know-how in turnkey plants and a deep knowledge of local standards, the ideal partner for this project.

Construction of a new brewhouse for the Abbey "Trappistes de Rochefort"

The Abbey "Trappistes de Rochefort" wanted to design and construct its new brewhouse. They trusted in the expertise of our Belgian teams from Meura: a company from Boccard dedicated to brewery, distillery and grain extract projects.

R&D fermentation platform for the production of hyaluronic acid

Boccard carried out the design, manufacture, qualification and commissioning of a fermentation platform with a capacity of 1000L.

Transfer and increase production capacity of 2 blood fractionation workshops

To increase its production capacity for plasma-derived drugs, LFB called on Boccard Health & Care.

Design and construction of a blood fractionation plant in Brazil

As part of a technology transfer between the French and Brazilian laboratory, Boccard was chosen as the supplier of the process equipment.