A job weld-done!
First pipe welding on Hinkley Point C

On October 16th 2018, Boccard UK performed the first high integrity pipe welding followed by a radiographic inspection on Hinkley Point C site. This first weld occurred on the Raft Pipes Embedded (RPE) pipes in the common raft area.   

The RPE embedded pipes are part of the Main Civil Works and are located in the building foundation. During the plant operations, the RPE system collects drain and waste liquids from various circuits.

Boccard has carried out all the activities needed to install the RPE pipes and supports, from detailed design to procurement, prefabrication leading to the on site installation and testing. This is the first stainless-steel piping system to be installed in the plant and the first weld to be radiographically inspected.

The honor of undertaking this first weld was given to Declan KENNY, one of Boccard's dedicated HPC welders and who has been interviewed for the occasion. View it here.

Declan, who started off at Boccard as an apprentice, was recognized as one of the most skilled young welders in the United Kingdom having obtained Silver Medal at WorldSkills UK National Finals last December 2017. He was also crowned as the best young welder in Wales.

This first weld shows Boccard's commitment to establish itself as a major UK partner to the HPC project, and the first industrial turnkey constructor to be involved on HPC site.

Through this major project, Boccard brings together 100 years of expertise serving the 4th generation of nuclear power plants, delivering a seamless solution with complete integration of its expertise including: engineering, manufacturing, construction and maintenance of piping systems on civil nuclear installations. 

With this landmark welding activity for the HPC project on the RPE system, Boccard celebrates this milestone as our first key UK “site” success in full compliance with EDFs' stringent requirements.


Did you know?

  • There are 250 RPE pipes to be installed on HPC
  • 2,500 radiographic shots are needed on these pipes
  • The safety regulator, the Office of Nuclear Regulation (ONR), is coming to will witness these tests it
  • Boccard is welding a “double walled” stainless piping system (a four-inch pipe within an eight-inch pipe)
  • The pipes are prefabricated in Portugal at Boccard’s dedicated in-house manufacturing facilities
  • Declan Kenny was recognized as one of the most skilled young welders in the United Kingdom and started off as a Boccard Apprentice at the age of 16 years-old.