All involved: slow down the spread of coronavirus/covid-19
Respect and apply barrier gestures

By adapting to the consequences of the massive spread of the Coronavirus / Covid-19, our dual objective is to secure our teams across the world and to guarantee business continuity with our customers and partners.


Our teams remain mobilized.

In Asia, they are 100% operational, in Europe and in the Americas, some of them work remotely, through homeoffice and the use of collaborative tools, the others work in the workshop or on site when the need is essential.


Our priority is everyone's health, with a single watchword: strict compliance with health prevention measures to prevent from the virus.

Whilst applying these measures, our teams ensure the continuation of our activities in order to continue to serve our clients by guaranteeing our commitment: safety first, on time, on spec', on budget, customer satisfaction.


Your usual contacts are available by email or telephone.


Take care.

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