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Track Advance®

Digital solutions to support your performance

Digilisation and Industry 4.0: our solutions for your performance

In a constantly changing environment, the improvement, control and measurement of your industrial performance are becoming a necessity today. 

To achieve this, digitalization towards Industry 4.0 with the use of IoT, lean management and management control have become the main pillars to achieve Operational Excellence and maximize your performance in terms of productivity, quality and cost reduction.

At Boccard, digitalization is at the heart of our expertise and our search for operational excellence to support your projects: unique data flow without data re-entry.

Our digital solutions to support your performance and maintenance

Our digital tools and proprietary software to manage your industrial projects 

Virtual and augmented reality
3D laser scan surveys

Track Advance®

The assistant of your industrial performance

A true smart monitoring application, Track Advance® allows you to compile your data, monitor your entire production and analyze this information to optimize your industrial performance in the long term. 

Track Advance® allows you to track all data and monitor traceability, from real-time reports and dashboards to analysis reports on cleaning operations, production and energy consumption.


The predictive assistant for your industrial maintenance

The anticipation of bugs and malfunctions of installations is at the heart of the improvement of the industrial production tool. 

Thanks to intelligent sensors and machine learning algorithms, our predictive maintenance solution BocPredict® allows you to anticipate a breakdown with reliable, constant and reactive data


Make your studies more reliable with mixed and augmented reality

We propose to integrate the model in your construction sites and to use it as a support for your installations thanks to our virtual reality solutions: the digital model allows immersive reviews at scale 1 with all the actors of the project.

Our augmented reality solutions (on site, the 360° visualization of the 3D study in layer mode) allow us to detect very quickly the problems of implantation, assembly, multi-disciplinary interfacing or environmental modifications.


Bring your reality into our studies with the point cloud survey

Thanks to our 3D laser and photogrammetry solutions, we can integrate your sites into the model and use your facilities as a support for studies.

We are equipped with 3D lasers of different brands, among the most renowned, that allow us to cover a large number of situations and to offer you the technology best suited to your projects.

Our operational designers are able to work on all your units in controlled or classified areas.


Our reference software for 30 years, developed in-house.

Through the feedback from sites with schedule drifts, we have learned that time losses were related to malfunctions, lack of shared data and data re-entry.
Ahead of its time, 30 years ago, our complex project management team in the United States looked for a solution by integrating the digital dimension to offer better traceability: the BocTrack web portal was born!


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