Your needs
Utility savings:
  • Successful energy transition 
  • Reduced operating costs 
  • Exceeeding the statutory energy audit requirements
  • ROI improvement
Our added value
Boccard Power & Utilities offers global and smart solutions together with in-depth analysis of your utilities AND your processes:
  • Audit and projects carried out by the same teams
  • Less than 3 years’ ROI
  • Operating costs reduced by approximately 20% to 40% per year
  • Financing option


Our solutions
Boccard Power & Utilities guarantees savings.
  • Energy audit
  • Triple expertise: food & feed process/utilities/energy efficiency
  • Expertise in smart energy management solutions
  • Expertise in the design and implementation of food & feed and industrial processes
  • Expertise in utility design and implementation
Our products & services
Our "Products & Services" are specially designed:
  • to reduce your OPEX (existing or new facilities)
  • to improve your system productivity & availability,
  • to minimize your environmental footprint.
Boccard Power & Utilities is constantly looking for specific, innovative solutions to improve the performance of your existing or new installations.
Use of specific products aimed at reducing energy consumption, and managing it once implemented:
  • Heat pump guaranteeing a high COP
  • Energy consumption monitoring solution
  • TrackAdvance: your process equipment monitoring

Our teams can assist you with special services

  • Innovative energy optimization solutions covering an entire production site.
  • Fatal heat recycling, utility production optimization resources, implementation of efficient processes .

Success stories

  • Food producing plant
    ( Le-Mans - France )

    Heat flow optimization study during the pasteurization process => reduction in energy consumption by more than 50%  for a cycle and reduced pasteurization cycle time.

  • Steel manufacturing plant
    ( Fos/Mer - France )

    Reduction of heat losses from the steam network for the finishing workshop pickling line at the ARCELOR factory at the Fos-sur-Mer site

  • Food producing plant
    ( Sorgues - France )

    Redesign of the cooling networks to improve system availability and meet the needs of the sauce preparation unit and design a branch of the superheated water network

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