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Boccard offers opportunities with high added value

Boccard is a family business experiencing strong growth. It has been exporting its technological know-how worldwide for nearly 100 years! Because our growth is based on the value of its talents we are able to offer you rich, diversified, international career paths. You take part in huge industrial projects that will help you develop both professionally and personally.

Boccard manages your career throughout the world

Boccard is convinced that mobility is one of the key factors that promotes competitiveness and works hard to get your career moving. Boccard is present in over 34 countries and supports you throughout the world. It rolls out an internal mobility policy via "BocMobility". Whatever the location, everyone can express his or her talent, find their place and actively participate in the development of the company.

Because you have lots of ambition !

Because training is essential in developing the skills of its employees, Boccard has created the "Boccard Academy". Everything is done to maintain and develop people's skills. The Boccard Academy offers modules and tailor-made training courses that meet your different needs in all areas of activity. 

For Boccard, all skills count

Because all skills count, Boccard is actively engaged in promoting diversity. Day after day, Boccard shows its commitment to the principle of equality between men and women and the employability of older workers. It has also committed to the employment of disabled workers by creating the Handicap Mission.

Boccard implements an innovative HR policy

In 2013, the Boccard HR staff won the HR initiative award. They have developed an innovative and appropriate approach to career management with "BocFollow".BocFollow helps to establish and maintain relations with staff before, during and after their career with the company. In this way, Boccard aims to follow the career development of talents that have had a positive contact with the company and keep them informed of its own changes.  This means that the prospect of working with them - or working with them again - is a permanent reality.

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The Boccard academy

The aim of the Boccard Academy is to develop the skills of each and every employee. This training division is formed from cross-departmental job and skills courses identified so as to capitalize on knowledge and develop individual skills. Particular attention is paid to project management, which is central to Boccard's acknowledged know-how and expertise. In this way, the dynamic daily connection between BocMobility and the Boccard Academy genuinely meets the essential objective for human resources: having "the right person, in the right place at the right time with the right skills".


Mobility is an essential aspect at BoccardOn a day-to-day basis, mobility means the opportunity offered to every employee to work on innovative projects internationally. Mobility also means enjoying a career change in-house, a promotion or a change of job. BocMobility is the system used to list all available job opportunities. Each employee accesses BocMobility by logging into the Boccard intranet and follows this priority system for recruitment and internal development.

The handicap mission

Boccard: a company which welcomes people with disabilities! In 2009, Boccard signed an agreement covering the employment of disabled workers, in keeping with the desire of Management and unions to make commitments and take action in favor of jobs for disabled workers.Following on from the success of this first agreement, management and the unions decided to recommit for a term of 3 years as of 2016, in order to continue the efforts made and to capitalize on the positive effects already observed. This voluntary policy of the signatory parties consists in negotiating a new milestone, by making use of the know-how gained with a view to continuous improvement. Today, Boccard totals 6.22% of beneficiaries employed units in France and all employment contracts are permanent. Significant and concrete actions The employment rate for beneficiary units has increased by more than 120% in 4 years. We have been able to successfully integrate workers in very diverse configurations. Offering sustainable jobs, making special work stations and developing employability are the key elements for success.Through our company agreement we have been able to make a number of changes to workstations in order to improve comfort and compensate for the handicap situation as well as possible. These developments are tailored to the individual and include equipment and organizational aspects, job changes and the implementation of training programs. Proper adjustment of the stations is an important factor, which has enabled us finally to put an end to ingrained concepts on the link between disability and performance at work. Martine's testimony "I have never seen a company as considerate of my handicap. I arrived in the company as an apprentice in December 2010. Even before I arrived, all the workstation adjustments necessary for my handicap had been made: a raised desk, a footrest and an infirmary."

Boccard for life!

Former employees keep in contact! At Boccard Entreprises, each person counts. The great experience of our former employees and the strong corporate values which they convey by their seniority are essential elements which make them ambassadors for the company. The Boccard Entreprises ex-employees club brings together the company's retirees who, after many years at work, want to stay in contact. The aims of this association, founded in 1992, are to facilitate and prepare for retirement and, in particular: 

  • to maintain and extend the links of friendship and solidarity that have been built up during a long career.
  • to maintain contact between former employees and those still working for the company.
  • to organize humanitarian and solidarity activities.
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