Your needs

“SAFETY FIRST” is the most important expectation of oil and gas players:

  • Benefit from advanced features in detailed engineering, purchasing, manufacture, construction with "local content" constraint or at a competitive price
  • Maintenance onshore: proximity and responsiveness
  • ON TIME revamping & debottlenecking
Our added value

Boccard Oil & Gas provides construction and maintenance solutions

  • OHSAS 18001 qualification
  • Structural methodology and tools to manage large and complex projects
  • Integrated engineering
  • Worldwide presence
Our solutions


  • EPC solutions: Gas Compression, Power / Utilities, Water Treatment
  • Detailed engineering, manufacturing or construction of modules, units and platforms (onshore or offshore)



  • Medium size debottlenecking: capacity increase, energy efficiency
  • Like-to-like revamping with detailed engineering
  • Maintenance  (replacement equipment, routine job repairs: like-to-like replacement)
  • Maintenance: major shutdowns


Our products & services

Our "Products & Services" are specially designed:

  • to reduce your OPEX (existing or new facilities)
  • to improve your system productivity & availability
  • to minimize your environmental footprint


Boccard Oil& Gas Plant Solutions is constantly looking for specific, innovative solutions to improve the performance of your existing or new facilities.

  • Skids & Modules
  • Pipe Spools Fabrication
  • Loading arms
  • Scaffolding / insulation
  • Global contract maintenance
  • Lubrication contract (BocLube)
  • Revamping

Success stories

Logo CC Energy
  • Logo CC Energy
    Complete engineering for the FARHA Block 3&4 Development Project (Phase II) at the VALUE ENGINEERING CENTRE – VEC Oil &Gas
    ( Mascat, Oman )

    3D modelling piping , equipment, supports and site survey implementation- PDMSDeveloping the input data’s for Civil and structures departmentsFirst Methanol To Olefins (MTO) for preliminary requisitionPreliminary stress calculation and evaluation: routing, dilatation, loops, supportsTypical secondary supports / small structuresChecking and supervising the activity performed in 3D model ( Naviswork)Checking isometrics and P&ID’s markupChecking and issuing the isometrics for IFC ( Issued For Construction) and final MTO

    Boccard Engineering Project Downstream Oil & Gas
  • Desulfurization units of a refinery
    ( France )

    Detailed design, purchasing and construction of all piping of the new desulfurization unit

    Desulfurization units of a refinery - Boccard
  • Underground gas storage extension
    ( France )

    EPC of the extension and upgrading of the gas storage 

    Underground gas storage extension - Boccard
  • Distillate-Hydro-Cracker/ Steam-Methane-Reformer (DHC-SMR) - offsite project
    ( France )

    Total is the owner of this project, and awarded Technip, our partner, for the EPC contract.  This is a hydrocracker project, designed to produce diesel bi-products obtained by vacuum distillation. The process uses large quantities of hydrogen, which are produced by a chemical reaction between steam and methane from the Steam Methane Reformer (SMR). Technip subcontracted the pipe spools prefabrication to us. This work was completed at our fabrication facility located in Tunisia (BISF). The 616 Carbon Steel, Stainless steel and Chrome Alloy spools weighed a total of 180 tons which represented a labor amount of 3,075 weld units.

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