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Boccard's DNA

Our values

Since 1918 Boccard has been developing its business through its key values
Bruno & Patrick Boccard
Bruno & Patrick Boccard
Our business

Since 1918 and for four generations, Boccard has been a major player throughout the world in the implementation of increasingly productive and innovative industrial plants. Boccard is a fully integrated plant and process solutions leader, capable of offering its clients either engineering, manufacturing, construction or maintenance expertise, or all of these, whether this be in the Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities, Nuclear Power and Steel markets, or in the Brewery, Food & Beverage, Cosmetics & Hygiene, Pharma & Biotechnology markets.

Our strengths

Boccard is strongly committed to its Boccard Management System, delivering projects based on "Safety first, on time, on spec, on budget", the signature of excellence in Boccard Project Management. With more than 3.500 employees working in 35 countries, Boccard is not only the expert in the engineering, manufacturing, construction and maintenance of hyper-efficient factories, but also has teams of experts and an unrivaled, structurally agile organization, which means an ability to handle any project, anywhere in the world. It is above all about working closely together, tailoring responses to meet the professional requirements of its clients who want to invest in countries where project management can be complex.

Our client relationship

In the very essence of our slogan "Boccard, Alliance for success" Boccard's relationship with its clients is and has become historical: A true and long term relationship of mutual confidence for value is created between our clients' organization and our project teams. We value feedback from our clients in order to continuously improve our own project management process.

Our promise to our clients

As part of its “Safety first” mindset, Boccard optimizes the efficiency of its clients' facilities by working closely with them throughout the life cycle of their industrial investment, whether this be a Greenfield, Brownfield, Shutdown or Maintenance project. We aim to share our experiences in order to reach the goal of mutual success and reduce the client's total cost of ownership. Our priority is to satisfy our clients and our watchword is the optimization of the "Design to build and operate" approach.

Our promise to our employees

Again: Safety first! Our core value is to ensure our employees go home safe. Secondly, Boccard has established a sound Human Resources policy to develop the talents of each of our employees. We show commitment to continuous training for our employees with our Boccard Academy. We also have a variety of tools specifically for enhancing the development of our employees by regularly offering them various postings through BocMobility. Our position in diverse markets, trades and regions allows for a valuable and attractive career progression within Boccard. In recognition of these efforts, Boccard received the HR Initiative award given by Le Figaro Economie in 2013.

The strengths of our family company

Its independence and its organizational flexibility along with a long term vision based on a steady strategy has made Boccard today one of the undisputed world leaders in its markets. We are acknowledged as being proactive towards our clients and in the markets in which we operate.