Your needs

Turnkey fluid sub-assemblies:

  • Expertise in nuclear industry: Design and Construction rules-Mechanical codes
  • Strong nuclear safety culture partners
  • Maximum safety assurance of people and equipment during work
  • Competitive partners in order to comply with nuclear industry standards
  • Highly reliable fluid networks
Our added value

Boccard Nuclear New Build provides solutions from design to maintenance: a seamless solution


  • Vertical integration of nuclear activities 
  • Our commitment on a daily basis: safety first, on time, on spec, on budget
  • Flexible organization with an international management capability
  • Implementation of large scale projects
  • Half a century of experience in the nuclear industry
  • Boccard projects quality guarantee
  • BocTrack® software: traceability, scheduling and control of the entire production process.
  • Logistic chain optimization and proven management
  • Statutory imperative management dealing with official document requirements


Our solutions

Boccard Nuclear New Build provides fluid sub-assembly design and dimensioning: a nuclear cycle (fuel recycling and storage) downstream activity and dismantling

  • Studies
  • Purchasing
  • Modular manufacturing
  • Metal structures and piping manufacturing
  • Installation and commissioning


Our products & services

Our "Products & Services" are specially designed:
• to reduce your OPEX (existing or new facilities)
• to improve your system productivity & availability,
• to minimize your environmental footprint.


Boccard Nuclear New Build is constantly looking for specific, innovative solutions to improve the performance of your nuclear plants including nuclear code management:

  • Design and Construction Rules-Mechanical (levels 1, 2, 3, CST, CRT, etc.)
  • EN 13480 (pipe class I-II-III)
  • ATEX
  • PED & NuPEER
  • CODAP/EN 13445
  • ASME Nuclear codes & standards
  • Training & support in regulations application
  • ISO 9001 V2000
  • ASME Section I-Power boilers (stamps S, PP)
  • ASME Section VIII-Pressure Vessels (Stamp U)
  • ASME B31.1-AWS D1.1
  • ASME B31.8
  • API-1104
  • National Board

Our teams can assist you with special services:


  • Studies
  • Purchasing
  • Installation and commissioning

Success stories

Boccard Agate Project CEA
  • NOAH-Sodium destruction
    ( Creys-Malville - France )

    Customer: NNS MorestelOwner: NNS/Ansaldo Ingeneria/Framatome (ex-Areva)Lots: TNA (2.2 / 4) / TR1Years: 2003/2008Scope: EPC

    • Primary / secondary sodium treatment lines 
    • Process engineering / procurement / manufacturing / erection
    • Hydraulic connections / electrical / commissioning
    • Sodium processin 5520 Tons
  • orano
    UF6 Treatment plant - reconversion
    ( Russia )

    Client Orano (ex-AREVA NC) / SGNLocation : Zelenogorsk (Russia)Duration : 2006/2008Scope: Fluid process mechanical and Electrical.Engineering, Procurement, prefabrication and technical assistance for construction and commissioning project

  • Boccard Agate Project CEA
    Agate process – On site effluent treatment plant
    ( Cadarache - France )

    Design, engineering studies and calculation for fluid systems of the on site effluent treatment plant

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