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Corporate Social Responsibility

Boccard guarantees equal opportunities and prepares the ground for the future

"In 2018, we very proudly celebrated “Our First 100 Years”, a symbol of the audacious and resolute route followed by our elders and former Boccard staff. 2019 opens a new road to “Our Next 100 Years” which will question every generation on our role in a global, open environment.

Convinced that our company’s future will be guided by challenges that we can take up collectively, we have decided to bring our customers, suppliers, and staff together, all as partners committed to guaranteeing equal opportunities for all and preparing the ground for the future. This is the major ambition that catalyzes our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment.


Our commitment is Social, Solidary, Environmental and Ethical.
Understanding our aim, identifying the issues at stake, promoting and celebrating initiatives and systematically putting ourselves into question by means of new improvement strategies all help us to go forward together every single day."
Bruno & Patrick Boccard
Boccard executes the UN Global Compact since 2012

This is a pact by which companies are committed to enable them to align their operations and strategies to ten principles universally agreed including:

  • human rights,
  • labor standards,
  • environment,
  • the fight against corruption.
Boccard is committed on a daily basis to

“Going green” with its 4-year action plan that aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions along with professional travels and to use electric cars.

With regards to its French perimeter, Boccard is acting towards reducing its carbon footprint and publishes its carbon balance every 4 years.

Boccard encourages individual and collective development
  • Employment and training program
  • 2013 HR initiative award for BocFollow
Boccard ensures safety:

one of the lowest rates of lost time incident in our industry.