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Competitiveness, productivity and quality of final products:

  • Maximized productivity : amortize investments as quickly as possible
  • Minimize production costs and maintenance
  • Ensure a high-quality final product.
Our added value

For worldwide brewers, Meura, a Boccard subsidiary, designs, manufactures and sells brewing equipment and global solutions with high added value. World leader in its field, Meura is famous for the Meura 2001 Mash filter.


  • Innovation: our brewery experts carefully listen to your market in order to answer and anticipate all your expectations. Thanks to our active Research & Development program and pilot plant and a long history of innovation, we can find the best technological solution.
  • Quality: our qualified team of experts from the engineer to the skilled worker; dedicate their know-how to the brewing technologies. Using the "Best Practice" rule, our brewing process is quality certified
  • Maintenance services: we accompany you after your projects we offer a full range of expert after-sales services
  • Exceptional performance: maximized yield, brightness, productivity and wort quality, reduced consumption of water and energy
Our solutions

Specialized in the design and manufacturing of brewhouse equipment, Meura is currently a world leader in its field, offering state-of-the-art technologies to international brewing companies as well as to the craft brewing industry. About 30% of the global beer volume is produced using Meura equipment such as:


  • Mash filtration: Meura developed the Meura 2001 mash filter allowing high productivity, high extract yield, very bright wort, high gravity wort. The first mash filter application for the brewing industry was created by Meura in 1901.



  • Brewhouses : the innovative technologies and equipment developed by Meura to increase the brewers competitiveness are gathered in the Meura brewhouse offer to provide exceptional performance


It includes: mashing-in with Mechamasher, mashing with Aflosjet, mash filtration including the famous Meura 2001 (Hybrid, Junior and Micro), wort boiling with internal and external boiling systems and Ecostripper, trub separation with Clarisaver and Whirlpool, Meurastream reducing the steam consumption by 50%.

Meura developed the MEURABREW : the continuous and sustainable brewhouse
Monsville concept is a Meura brewhouse developed for the Craft brewer for 50 and 100 hl wort/brew


  • Yeast management to optimize the fermentation process with Propax, the yeast propagation technology and with Preox, the yeast pre-oxygenation technology
Our products & services

Our "Products & Services" are specially designed:
• to reduce your OPEX (existing or new facilities)
• to improve your system productivity & availability
• to minimize your environmental footprint


Active research carried out in Meura Technologies & Services center, as well as close contacts with universities, research laboratories, brewing schools and of course the brewers themselves, allow us to adapt constantly to the needs and the requirements of our customers and even to anticipate them. We organize pilot tests and training sessions in our R&D pilot plant.


Meura, subsidiary of Boccard, is constantly looking for new answers and innovative solutions dedicated to the brewery industry to improve the performance of your facilities and the quality of finished products:


For your existing or new installations, our teams can assist you with special services:

Meura Technologies & Services team provides after-sales services parts and integrates technological consulting as well as technical maintenance adapted to each customer's specific needs.

  • Spare parts supply
  • Technological consulting: performance and optimization audits, technological training
  • Technical maintenance: periodical review of installations, assistance for wearing and spare parts replacement
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA): tailor made package of services including the Ilobox technology, our optimization software, remote services and on-site services.


Success stories

  • 4th Meura project with United Breweries. India’s largest, greenest and most efficient brewery
    ( India )

    “On behalf of the United Breweries team, I would like to convey my sincere appreciation to Meura-Praj for being our valued technology partner in the brewery business and for their invaluable support and cooperation.  We highly appreciate the expertise and cooperation provided by Meura-Praj alliance in the Chamundi Project and our various brewery installations.” Read full article

    Mr C.V., Executive Vice President – Manufacturing United Breweries
  • Meurabrew continuous and sustainable brewery
    ( Belgium )

    Meura installed the first Meurabrew, the continuous and sustainable brewing process at Martens Brewery: 200 hl/h wort at a density of 20°P. Meurabrew proved to be very efficient with a reduced peak consumption of utilities, reduced energy and extract losses, less waste disposal and limited spare requirements. The continuous process versus batch process also allows to limit fluctuations in quality of the beer produced (colour, bitterness, …)

  • Brewhouse modernization with Meura equipment
    ( Belgium )

    “Our leading beer brand (Tripel Karmeliet) is brewed with 4 grain types (barley malt, wheat, wheat malt and oats) and the lauter tun had problems filtrating the mash. We also are located in the centre of the village and space is limited at our place. The Meura2001 fits very well, whereas a new lauter tun would needs important structural work. A combination of all these factors quickly made us decide that the Meura2001 was the best option.The process (brewhouse and fermentation) is much more stable, which improves the quality of our beers. The yield increased a lot and we can  finish 4 brews in the brewhouse in a 2 shift system. We are very happy with the project and proud that we now have a state-of-the-art milling department and brewhouse .” Read full article

    Hans Van Remoortere - Iwan De Meyer, Bosteels brouwerij
  • Classimill, Mechamasher & Meura 2001 mash filter
    ( Burkina Faso )

    Equipment modernization:the brewery has increased its total capacity and can now produce up to 14 brews per day. Brakina brewery, then called Bravolta, purchased its first Meura mash filter in 1962! 

  • Modernization of the brewhouse
    ( Russia )

    Brewhouse modernization: a complete revamping of the traditional brewhouse in various steps.Milling section with Classicmill and Mechamasher, mashing section with Aflosjet system installed and mash filtration with the Meura 2001 mash filter. The modernization was followed by another order to install a second new brewing line including Ecostripper.

  • Meura 2001 Hybrid and automation of the installation
    ( Cambodia )

    Capacity doubled:thanks to the purchase of the new Meura 2001 Hybrid mash filters, the brewery doubled its capacity. 

  • Complete brewhouse design and manufacturing
    ( Angola )
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