Your needs
Faster, safer and more effective solutions to meet the growing demand for  plasma fractionation products and deal with the scarcity of raw materials :
  • Highly secure advanced processes respecting the binding regulatory environment in a sterile and strictly controlled environment 
  • Traceability and Process Control with advanced automation
  • Effective and efficient solutions to produce more and better at a lower cost while maintaining the properties of proteins and their therapeutic benefit.
Our added value

Bocccard Health & Care controls the different stages of your processes and offers comprehensive customized solutions and advanced equipment for the production of therapeutic products derived from plasma and benefiting from:

  • Proven Expertise and experience: our significant experience in the field of blood fractionation and associated technologies allows our teams of experts in processes, mechanical and boiler making, instrumentation and qualification to meet your requirements.
  • Reduced time to market:  our multiple integrated businesses and our expertise in project management are assets that guarantee delivery of operational projects as quiclky as possible
  • Customized equipment and a comprehensive offer: after risk analysis and detailed functional analysis, our experts can make you a comprehensive technical offer, custom equipment and process automation systems 
  • Internal Qualification and data procurement: Qualification protocols, very thorough FAT / SAT , complete technical file qualification supply DQ / IQ / OQ / PQ.


Our solutions
Boccard Health & Care delivers complete automated process solutions and specific equipment for laboratories specialized in blood plasma fractionation over the world. 
With our partners, we can design and build units based on the Cohn method and chromatographic methods to produce the main blood proteins: Albumin, Immunoglobulin (IgG, IVIG), Factor VIII , Factor IX,  Fibrinogen, PPSB etc.
  • Chromatographic skids  
  • Process tanks 
  • Production workshops
  • Fully automated turnkey process solutions including the different stages of your production process: thawing, precipitation, centrifugation, filtration, ultra-filtration, nano-filtration, virus inactivation, pasteurization, chromatography and final purification steps with cleaning and sterilization in place.
Our products & services
Our "Products & Services" are specially designed:
  • to reduce your OPEX (existing or new facilities)
  • to improve your system productivity & availability,
  • to minimize your environmental footprint.
Discover our innovative production tools to optimize production and to improve the cleaning parameters, reduce material waste and energy consumption and ensure a sharp control of your facility operations 
For your existing or new installations, our teams can assist you with special services:
  • Troubleshooting and preventive or curative maintenance 
  • Supply of spare parts
  • Production tool reliability: on-site criticality control of your equipment 
  • Facility diagnosis and modification, regulatory compliance setting, revamping
  • Process optimization: performance audits, operational and energy efficiency
  • Staff training

Success stories

  • Complete blood plasma fractionation workshop
    ( France )

    We designed, manufactured and commissioned a complete workshop for blood plasma fractionation including: viral inactivation workshop, flexible separation and purification workshops, workshop for  in-place decontamination of separation equipment, CIP, in-place sterilization, automation and Manufacturing Execution System, Nano-filtration sensor module.

  • Complete unit for a human plasma fractionation process plant
    ( Belgium )

    Our teams designed, manufactured and commissioned a complete unit for a human plasma fractionation process plant including a defrosting and pooling workshop, chromatographic workshop for frozen plasma, fractionation workshop, separation workshop: filtration, centrifugation, clean utilities and CIP / SIP. 

  • Human plasma fractionation plant
    ( Argentina )

    Our teams designed, manufactured and installed process and qualification for a human blood plasma fractionation plant including storage and distribution of water loops, buffer tanks, UF and XTO skids, automation and qualification.

  • Various plasma fractionation projects
    ( China )

    Factor VIII workshop and design of new plasma fractionation plant

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