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Assistance in developing technology migration options,  optimize performance: 

  • Design and install facilities with short delivery terms
  • Optimize process parameters
  • Reduce TCO
Our added value
Our global solutions in industrial fermentation bioprocess are custom designed to enhance all bio-based substrates (lignocellulosic biomass , oleaginous , proteins , algae, micro- algae, etc. ) to produce active substances or raw materials:
  • Know-how and process project experience: our  process experts determine the proper set-up of your installation- fermenter and its environment/regulation (Temperature, Oxygenation, pH etc.) filtration, centrifugation, chromatography, etc.
  • Flexibility: our fermentation facilities can be converted by simply changing microorganisms and some changes in the Down Stream process.
  • Process Intelligence: sustainable automation systems, completely open and adjustable to any market PLC.
  • Performance: our turnkey installations (super skids and skids) are designed to reduce operating costs and optimize effluents properties (temperature, methanization, syngas)
Our solutions
Boccard delivers comprehensive solutions dedicated to industrial fermentation adapted to different industries involving fermentation process: food, agro-bio based, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals.
We master different fermentation process phases, from pre-treatment of biomass reception, grinding, hydrolysis, flash expansion, heat treatment, to the fermentation: a critical step. Indeed, the fermentation is subject to multiple parameters influencing yields: aeration, agitation, temperature, pH, shear, lighting, sterility.
We also control the downstream fermentation process to extract, concentrate and purify the molecules of interest.
Our innovative technical solutions are implemented in the form of modular production skids, super skids or complete production workshops, up to the final commissioning of the facilities. We build fermenters, storage tanks and all necessary piping ...
Our industrial fermentation global solutions include:
  • Upstream Processing
  • Preparation of culture media
  • Fermenters and accessories (agitation, cleaning, etc.)
  • CIP stations
  • Extraction / concentration stations (filtration / centrifugation)
  • Purification stations (chromatography)
Our products & services
Our « Products & Services » are specifically designed:
  • to reduce your OPEX (existing or new facilities)
  • to improve your system productivity & availability,
  • to minimize your environmental footprint.
In an ongoing search for reducing consumption and improving performance, we are constantly studying innovative solutions to suit your requirements. Boccard assists you in developing biomass processes (molasses stillage, wood, starch, etc.) and choosing the best technology migration options.  
Our teams offer tailored service solutions for your existing or your new installations:
  • Installations troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Production tool process efficiency audits
  • Energy efficiency audits 
  • Installations diagnosis and modification
  • Processes optimization 
  • Staff training

Success stories

Logo FMC
  • Logo FMC
    Piping package for a microcrystalline cellulose plant
    ( Rayong, Thailand )


    • Achieving execution drawings of piping circuits (isometric and support)
    • Piping and support fabrication 
    • Piping, support and equipment installation (reactors, pumps, tanks, filters ...)
    • Testing and commissioning assistance.

     ​The total length of pipe circuits exceeds 5 km, more than 1000 pipe supports and over 100 process equipment (reactors of 15 tons each, vessels with agitators, pumps, heat exchangers, mixers, feeders filters, separators, vacuum, a complete generation of water purification by reverse  smosis and others) THE CHALLENGE OF THIS PROJECT IS ON TWO SPECIFIC ELEMENTS OF BIOTECHNOLOGY:

    • Corrosion resistant lines made from Teflon coating carbon steel (PTFE LINED A106-B), total length over 1 km
    • Stainless steel lines (A269-TP316) made in Automatic Orbital Welding (ASME BPE), length over 500m.
    • The engineering phase realized with a mixed team of 10 Romanian & Thailand engineers, finally being achieved over 8,000 hours of engineering.
    FMC project Boccard Thailand
  • BioEthanol Production
    ( France )

    Boccard delivered  five large capacity fermenters (until 2.300 m³) to BENP used for corn protein extraction.

    BioEthanol Production - Boccard
  • BioEthanol Fermenters
    ( France )

    Acquisition of 5 1.500m3 fermenters for ethanol production from sugar beet by-products

    BioEthanol Fermenters - Boccard
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