FAT testing in remote locations thanks to our digital solutions

Our teams implemented augmented reality solutions to perform Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) on remote locations with our customers. These tests were possible thanks to the use of Hololens glasses and the training of our teams for this important achievement in each of the projects.

What is a FAT?

Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) are tests performed according to a well-defined procedure with the customer. These FAT tests take place at the plant or machine builder's facilities after design and prior to shipment. They are used to check the correct functioning and operation of the equipment or installation in accordance with the specifications. This list of points to check the correct operation of the installation is carried out in collaboration with the customer, who delegates one or more persons to carry out these tests at the supplier's installations.


Remote FAT tests reduce risk and optimize travel. Digital tools such as Hololens augmented reality glasses are used so that customer personnel can view factory tests in real time. The benefits are significant, especially in circumstances that do not allow travel easily. Overall, it saves time and reduces the environmental footprint for the customer.

Boccard strengthens its Asian presence with a bigger representative office in Indonesia

At Boccard we aim for being close to our customers wherever they need us. For this reason, we decided to follow our clients' growing interest for Indonesia and its industrialization plan. Boccard’s new Indonesian representative office strengthen our presence in Asia by being close to our clients’ production plants, improving customer support and optimizing our […]

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Good welding practices around the hygienic design of food production plants

Since hygienic design of equipment is essential for food production plants, Boccard has been an active member of the EHEDG since its creation in France and shared during the General Assembly on good welding practices.

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Blue biotechnology: opportunities and challenges of a fast-growing sector

Blue biotechnologies, or marine biotechnologies, are processes that transform marine resources (including micro-organisms, invertebrates, macro-algae and fisheries co-products) into services and goods in a multitude of fields.  This very promising and still under-exploited sector faces many challenges, including the industrialization of processes. Discover the applications of marine biotechnology, the opportunities and challenges faced by the […]

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