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Since 1918, Boccard has been a major international player in the area of energy production, thanks to its active contribution to construction and maintenance projects for electrical power plants.

We are involved in :

- Incorporating the concept of Sustainable Development into all phases of our activities, for the sake of future generations
- Providing working conditions that ensure the health and safety of people and property
- Being productive, while also respecting our society's values
- Offering the best, in terms of quality and performance, in our involvement in your projects



For many decades, the Boccard GPI Power subsidiary has implemented EPCC (engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning) projects, drawing on its know-how in the areas of fluids and mechanics, for :

- Fired power plants (fuel, coal, gas, and CCGT (combined-cycle gas-turbine)), over all power ranges
- The machine rooms of nuclear power plants
- Biomass units



BOCCARD operates in all sectors of energy production by providing solutions tailored to your needs :

Burning power plants with a capacity greater than 100 Mwe:

Plant plant systems including :

1. Superheated Steam networks (VS)

2. Re-superheated Steam network (VRS)

3. Steam networks to Re overheat (VAR) and bypass

4. Food Network Water

BOP Unit


BOCCARD provides the following services:

Detail studies - Purchasing - Supply - Prefabricated – Erection Site – Pre-commissioning - Commissioning

Island Conventional Nuclear Power Plants:   

Networks fluids including  VVP, GCT, GSS, AHP, ABP, AER

BOCCARD provides the following services:

Detail studies - Purchasing - Supply - Prefabrication - Erection Site – Pre-commissioning - Commissioning