• Utilities Turnkey and EPC Process Fluids Solutions
Your needs

Industrial energy players need to reduce their production & maintenance costs for their turnkey utilities:

  • Performance commitment
  • Product quality improvement
  • Production capacities increase
  • Waste reduction
  • Production systems reliability and availability improvement
  • Production unit regulations compliance (covering both the construction and operation side)
  • New projects management with in place new build/maintenance teams
  • Production unit shutdown reduction
  • Faster plants start-up
  • Mechanical and electrical integration capacity to the existing plant
Our added value

Boccard guarantees CAPEX optimization and OPEX reduction thanks to:

  • The full integration of its expertises:
    • Engineering
    • Manufacturing
    • Construction
    • Maintenance
  • State of the art proprietary management systems:
    • Boccard Management System (BMS)
    • Boccard Project Management System (BPMS)
    • BocTrack
  • Boccard experts for each market anywhere in the world


Boccard Power & Utilities offers Design to Build approach and competitive turnkey plants solutions.

  • Design-production of integrated and functional solutions
  • ROI calculation
  • Process expertise: our solutions to ensure maximum productivity and profitability of your facilities
  • Regulatory expertise: compliant solutions with all regulations and codes
  • Internal and external risk integration: from the design to the start-up
Our solutions

Boccard Power & Utilities provides complete automated and integrated solutions:

  • Team of process engineers responsible for designing plants and ensuring the functionality of the processes used
  • Design and engineering office responsible for optimized and ergonomic design
  • Calculating resources providing the necessary mechanical guarantees
  • Boccard manages process simulation (PROSIM) and network balancing (AFT Fathom and Arrow) tools
  • PDMS and All Trades synthesis
  • Detailed "mechanical" package studies
  • In-house instrumentation and control skills
  • Our solutions for manufacturing piping spools and skids
  • Boilermaking: design/production of storage tanks and processes used
  • Our international construction capacities: mechanical assembly and wiring
  • Commissioning performed by the teams which designed the facility
  • Maintenance solutions

Boccard provides dedicated turnkey and EPC Process Fluids Solutions:

  • Cooling down your Equipment, Producing chilled water to feed your Process
  • Producing and distributing your “hot” utilities: steam, hot water, etc.
  • A safe and optimum transfer of your industrial gases, from storage to place of consumption:
  • Produce, store, distribute and neutralize chlorine and its derivatives, at the place of use:
  • Trucks / wagons unloading, store in optimal conditions and redistribute your fluids "right place, right time"
  • “Plug n’ Play" Skids to modularize process functions in your plants:
Our products & services

Our « Products & Services » are specifically designed:

  • to reduce your OPEX (existing or new facilities)
  • to improve your system productivity & availability,
  • to minimize your environmental footprint.


Boccard Power & utilities is constantly looking for specific and innovative solutions to improve the performance of your existing or new installations.


For your existing or your new installations, our teams accompany you with specific services:


  • Existing plants audit
  • Production tool troubleshooting analysis
  • New build and revamping work regulatory expertise
  • Process optimization& expertise
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Success stories

  • Adhesive paper mill
    ( Champs sur Drac - France )
    Turnkey implementation of an adhesive storage and transfer unit on a gluing line (self-adhesive labels), including:
    • Double envelope adhesive network (200°C, 70 bar)
    • Transfer network, heated by TPC
    • Heating fluid network, natural gas, utilities (compressed air, nitrogen, resin, cooling water)
  • Uranium Mines
    ( Nigeria )

    Implementation of five explosive foam production skids for mining prospecting, for the uranium mines in Niger

  • Nuclear waste treatment plant
    ( Cadarache - France )
    • Iced water production – 2 regulated cold units (1068 kW)
    • Superheated water network supplying the radioactive effluent evaporator
  • FLOAT GLASS / Auxiliaries & Processes
    ( Riazan - Russia )

    Design and production of auxiliary and process lots, including cooling of a float glass production line

    Studies & realization of piping (7 km), auxiliaries & processes, for a float-glass

    Studies & realization of mixing modules H2+N2 and SO2+N2 (incl. Russian certification

  • Monomer production plant
    ( Centre R&D de Ladoux, Clermont Ferrand - France )

    Monomer purification unit (absorption filters)

    • Turnkey unit
    • 3D Design, prefabrication, wiring, FAT,
    • CE marking (ATEX, DESP)
  • Sodium production plant
    ( Creys-Malville - France )

    EPC – Super Phénix dismantling

    Turn Key project  aiming at transforming 5,520 t of sodium from primary & secondary  circuits into a stable chemical solution (Hydrogen et Soda)

    • Studies, Procurement, Workshop Construction,
    • on site erection, Tests (10 skids “Utilities”, 10 skids “Process”)
  • Car factory
    ( Flins - France )

    Storage/distribution of industrial waxes

    Turnkey implementation of 2 storage tanks of waxe with their facilities:

    • distribution unit,
    • truck unloading unit,
    • waste treatment unit,
    • hot and cooling device
  • Polyuréthane plant
    ( Recticel à Trilport - France )

    Design, Production, Assembly and Commissioning of a polyurethane foam Automobile Seat Manufacturing Unit

  • Test center for aircraft reactors
    ( CEPr (centre d’essai des propulseurs...), Saclay - France )

    Turnkey production of a gas extraction manifold and the associated cooling system (design studies, detailed studies, supply, prefabrication, purchases, assembly on site, wiring, tests, commissioning).

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